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  1. Is there any way to get rid of those annoying pop-up ads in the right-down corner? Chrome has some settings but what about Maxthon 6?
  2. Seems it looks helpful. The passwords has synced now in the both MX6s and UU. Ok.
  3. Yes, The Passkeeper and UU.ME has some account data now (i.e. URL & account name) but no passwords.
  4. Correct. It seems so. It synchronizes only the websites and accounts. UU.ME had complete data yesterday, but I was trying now MX portable and after the synchronization the passwords has been lost in UU.ME. (The local Passkeeper never had passwords.)
  5. Indeed, if I don't log in I cannot see Passkeeper window at all. I did login the MX6 and the Passkeeper and that's it.
  6. Hi, It seems that this strange problems continues. Standalone version MX6 imported the password information from my MX5 account in MX6 account properly but in this case none of any portable version MX6 can import this data from MX6 account into the local Passkeeper with their passwords.
  7. I mean the "official release" V6.1.1.1000. It had this feature like Chrome but seems the beta doesn't have it.
  8. Hello, Where is the progress bar for the download manager at the bottom of the page the same as it was in the latest stable release?
  9. Oh, it might be helpful fo me! How can I give you UID? Jast post it here? Is this way safe? And what about the local passkeeper in my M6 brouser, can it send up the wrong data again and mess up everything or not?
  10. Is there any way to clean up passkeeper data from M6 section and refill them from M5 DB? Or something else?
  11. I've tried x64 portable and x64 portable/standalone (both)
  12. Hello, I had no problem with Paskeeper in M5, but I can't import my passwords from M5 into M6. The Passkeeper M6 has got account names only. There are the same picture in the U+ interface: the tab M5 has passwords and the tab M6 has no ones. I was trying M6 Settings/Account and sync/Import Maxthon 5 account data from server, but it did't help me. Help me please to get password from M5 database.