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  1. Qupzilla is another webkit browser. I added it in my original.

    Dev chromium because version number shouldnt matter on most sites except for most notably zoho docs

    Not using chromium. Just fetched the version #.

    SL, because sites are picky. It took me months to get right back in 2012-3. Tested many different orders and variations per day on a lot of sites. Not putting it in that order made sites detect non-chrome. Otherwise it detects qupzilla. If you dont have qupzilla or something at the end it detects maxthon instead of chrome which breaks some compat

    Wow64 ia64 also breaks or used to anyway break intel driver update java applet but other java works.

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  2. Opera uses chromium, which makes using both opera and chrome UA strings unnecessary. Also OS version doesn't matter really, I used 6.3 since even when I had XP and Win7, Win8, and still now in win8.1

    and it gets truncated at 185 characters, best to take out the OPR. Safari causes problems, and you really don't need the ; U; part in it, because everything defaults to "U".. and Maxthon should go AFTER Chrome, for it to detect your browser as Chrome and not Maxthon, which is necessary for most sites.

    this should work better for compatibility.Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/38.0.2066.0 Maxthon/4.4.2 QupZilla/1.6.6and if you want it fully UNtruncated, you need to make into 4.4.0 or 4.4.2

    now it's also 144 characters.

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  3. loooping8 replied at 2014-8-4 10:00 back.gif

    What about a additional security(Zemana AntiLogger 1.9.3) beside the Antivirus?


    Anti-KeyLogge ...

    looping8, anti-keyloggers like keyscrambler don't work.

    posting an excerpt, but not a link, in a quote, because it's technically from a.........less-than-legal website:On the official website, the authors describe KeyScrambler as a tool that “uses both standard symmetric-key and asymmetric-key encryption. The algorithm used for symmetric-key encryption is Blowfish (128-bit). The algorithm for asymmetric-key is RSA (1024-bit). By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art cryptography, KeyScrambler is able to defeat a large variety of keyloggers and keylogging malware. KeyScrambler is entirely different from keystroke obfuscation, which only introduces random keystrokes to trick keyloggers and can be easily broken.”.

    In my research, I’ve done different tests on the latest versions of KeyScrambler and the result remained the same. Windows allows it’s applications to interact with one another. That’s why you can read the text from every input of every application under certain conditions.

    the same goes for OTHER anti-keylogger programs.

    I took out the method, the author, revealed, on HOW to see the keystrokes, but it can be pulled in PLAIN TEXT. It's only a partial excerpt.

    Short story, you hook the program in question. Not even top-secret programming. Common sense for any coder. Hooks are used in everyday software. If you can intercept it, you have the keystrokes, or create your own hook. There's more to the equation, which I WON'T discuss, since...well, obvious reasons....

  4. m_univ replied at 2013-12-9 05:52 back.gif

    Hi, I know its off topic, but I have not enough points to PM you. Could u pls upgrade your extensi ...

    that one was designed for uses a menu which doesn't work with just the sidebar.

    there are tweaks, I think, that bring the toolbar back though...can't remember where, and I have to get ready for college, sorry.

  5. Imanerd replied at 2013-11-28 14:34 back.gif

    updated with the other tweaks.

    I was figuring anyone who uses the mod already has changed out the lang file......since it's in zork's mod....

  6. einherz replied at 2013-10-31 15:04 back.gif

    i dont use readers mods, have me replace? did the last time I had don't remember?

    anyway, you'd just wanna download the page.dat inside the 7z archive I've provided above. is the specific post in reply to mine, from before.

    other mods: and

  7. Imanerd replied at 2013-10-31 14:45 back.gif

    repacking with other mods, one moment, and I'll edit this post.

    the feed reader and reader mod ones, along with some performance improvements with async values, and of course, zork's QA mods: see attached


  8. einherz replied at 2013-10-19 10:12 back.gif


    this mod wont work correct for me, maxthon settings bloced, so return to zork's ...

    what do you mean by maxthon settings blocked?

  9. einherz replied at 2013-10-19 08:47 back.gif

    o thanx, i used ur skns for 3.5 maxthon it was best for me, and now new qa mod, was before old versi ...

    updated with the other mods.

    attachment removed. see my next post with the newly-uploaded one.

  10. Snero replied at 2013-9-1 12:44 back.gif

    Does that one just have the Feed Reader mod added to it or is there other stuff too? As well as th ...

    well, in the Old Mx3 page.dat mod on which the feed reader mod was based, it had other mods, particularly my own performance improvements, mainly with async values and stuff.

    The Mx4 one I've provided, has both Zork's QA mod and KenjiKyou's feed reader mod in it. It also has an old mod to reader mode somene once has made on these moment, and I'll find the thread.

  11. 7twenty replied at 2013-5-10 03:20 back.gif

    How unfortunate. Would still like to know the reasoning behind this. Seems like the MX team think ...

    Agreed, menus from the toolbar on Mx3 versions, particularly, don't work as a result.

    And not to be redundant, but *still* wondering why there are TWO threads for the extension SDK, one by myself and this one by Smilefly. 1702