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  1. In retro mode is ok More please correct when someone tells me My email: papagaio02@hotmail.com
  2. Ok i tried the last version and the problem continues :/
  3. I'll try to update my Maxthon even found that the versions would be different because here in Brazil the most current version is, I try to download directly from the site!
  4. Yes more this becomes very annoying because I have to open another browser to find the text that is there the site is the same http://aidancbrady.com/mekanism/download/ More has other as : http://www.bibliocraftmod.com/?page_id=48
  5. Hey guys, I use maxthon will soon and realized an "error" means annoying because I have to use another browser to view the text, do not want to leave the maxthon with its resources more if wanted a possible solution to this problem then the print: