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  1. If I open new Incognito window and then close it, 2 issues happen: Also main window is closed When it happens whatever tabs were opened in main window are lost and not restored via "Continue where you left off" option when Maxthon launched again.
  2. Hi, I was logged in. However now I did downgrade to and upgrade to few times back and forth and the shortcut persisted. So not sure what it was that time when it didn't work before my initial post, but now it seems working. I'll keep track of it in future versions. Thanks
  3. I had installed and my Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut was assigned to "New Incognito Window". After I upgraded to Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut was reset to "Paste and Open". It happened in few versions already. Please either fix shortcut resetting or make Ctrl+Shift+N to be "New Incognito Window" by default, as it is mapped in other browsers (Chrome, Edge).
  4. Please add "Set Bookmarks Bar display folder" option to MX6 to act as "Set Favorites Bar display folder" in MX5.
  5. By the way. The same issue is observed with MX after upgrading Windows 10 to Anniversary Update - Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.187.
  6. I hoped to see it fixed in, which is major bug fixes release. But it still not fixed. Any chance to get a fix on it?
  7. Hi Please advise if the issue reported via the following thread will be looked into. The issue has been identified and confirmed, the thread has been archived but resolution has not been provided through several major releases. http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5526 Thanks