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  1. I already tried something like this, but it does not work (Portable Mx with AdBlock).

    Moreover, there is rules for this site (ixbt.com) in global AdBlock subscription list, which must block body background, but it does not work too.

    May be it is a bug with AdBlock in this Maxthon version?

    Seems like some other rules does not work too.

    Yesterday I upgraded from Mx with AdHunter with tons of working rules and got tons of non working. Now I already cleared all rules, disable subscription list, but can't get to work some simple AdBlock rules.

  2. I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU, GeForce GTX 970, 16GB RAM and Samsung 940 Pro SSD for system partition.

    Intel's CPU "per core" perfomance is a lot better, especially with using advanced SIMD or multimedia instructions. On Intel platform browser tests scores must be better.

    But when I choosed platform last time, AMD 8-cores CPU fits better for my needs (several running VMs at once).

    And I really like IE's rendering perfomance and smoothness too. It's the best on Windows platform. But it is not crossplatform and "from the box" it's complexion is very plain.

    I was used to Maxthon features "from the box", therefore I want a "better" Maxthon, I think, and was unable to switch to other browser. On my PC I just dont feel "resource hog" of MxNitro, I feel what it is interesting project.

  3. PeeceKeeper

    MxNitro: 3930

    Mx4: 4102

    Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m: 3857

    pcxFirefox 34.0.5_(2014-12-01) x64: 4119

    pcxFirefox 34.0.5_(2014-12-01) x86: 3644

    I clearly see, what on my PC pcxFirefox 34.0.5 x64 is 4.5% faster in Peacekeeper browser test than MxNitro.

    But, when I open IT news site with news list, scroll list and open some of news in background while continue to scroll news list, pcxFirefox lags, not like Mx4, but lags too. MxNitro not lags, its scrolling and rendering is smooth and fast.

    I'm in love with Maxthon since MyIE, I liked Mx2 a lot (it was unstable with Flash, I remember), but since Mx3 I from time to time test another browsers (main reason for me - lags on current tab while in background opens other tabs and some other absent features). And I always returned to Maxthon. I am not very satisfied with Mx4, it lacks some features I'd like to see in it, but I use it and like it.

    MxNitro, as I can see, is an experimental project, but I really like it fast start (not a big deal, of course, but...), fast UI framework and independed tabs. As experimental and not main project it lacks features of "mature" browsers, but it looks very interesting for me.

    I want a browser on MxNitro platform with features of "big" Maxthon. I'll be happy when ;)

    And Mx devs can compile browser with support of "advanced" CPU instructions like SSEx just to be a little faster in tests like "Peacekeeper". But in this case browser will not run on unsupported CPUs.

  4. zork replied at 2014-12-8 03:13 back.gif

    2 ALL

    QA mod is for MX and before it. To adapt the mod for 4.4.2, 4.4.3, etc, it needs to ...


    But thank you for your work.