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  1. I am already using the latest version, For some reason the bug got worse, and now it deletes the history every 2-3 days, only keeping the last 2 days
  2. OK. The weird thing is some sites do work while others keep loading. At least the right-click menu allows open in background/TAB, which makes it somewhat bearable. Is there also more info Regarding the History deletion bug, i previously reported?
  3. The latest version {Version6.1.2.1900(64-bit)0709} has a bug that if you have screenshots set as the Thumbnail that they keep loading for 99% of the links. previous versions do not have this issue
  4. AAH OK. Not sure if it is a bug or something with the new quick-access since i tried managing the quick-access page so it looks a bit more like how i had it with maxton, but the tabs/folders whent everywhere and everything went out of order. even trying to drag a folder down, does not work as it does not want to drop in place even something as simple as trying to put back a tab/link that has been pulled out of a folder for some strange reason causes everything to get jumbled thus something like a: LOCK IN PLACE feature should be usefull to prevent tabs from moving everywhere
  5. When will the Feature to use the webpage screenshot as a thumbnail come back for the Quick access.
  6. I really hope its still possible to keep the History for over 1 year. I always loved that feature. Mainly because other browsers delete the history data after a month or so. Only keeping the first 3 weeks. As for my request on the Tab-bar i have not found any apps yet that give the same feature. I did find a app that Limits the amount of Tabs, and any new tab that opens will be in a new window till that one fills up. {on a 27 inch monitor i can get around 50 Tabs, till it begins to look Terrible} {So for starting Maybe add a option to Limit the amount of Tabs, then expand on it if its possible to Recreate the Maxthon 3/ maxthon 4/Maxthon 5 drop down Menu style Tab Manager} Since its a Feature i have grown accustomed to ever since i started using Maxthon.
  7. Just checked again and it looks like it now works, though i am still unable to install it to the C:\Program Files folder ----------------------- I also found a bug with importing old Maxthon 5 user data. I am unable to import my entire History data of about 1.5 years. it only imports the last 1-5 days. {I think this is caused because you cannot select any other account other than the guest account} even if i where to move the history file i still cannot import it in its Full Capacity. -------------------
  8. There is a small bug with the installer: You are not able to change the Install location. "It defaults to the local folder" But if you want to install it for all users this is not possible. even making a dummy folder on the C:\ drive does not work
  9. Recently started testing and using Maxthon 6 again, {without login} There is still 1 thing I ABSOLUTELY Hate is the Tab management {Since previous versions of MX 6 had issue's causing it to crash when opening tons of tabs, i could not test this fully} The older version had a nice an initiative feel where you could still see what tabs you had, and a drop-down menu when you filled up your tab bar The newer version has the same feel as Crome giving a Cluttered mess of a Tab bar if you have lots of tabs open at the same time. {on a 24" FHD screen the limit is around 20-30 Tabs, before its getting to cluttered/ unusable, because you can no longer read what the tab says} _____________________________ I have 2 Idea's to fix this. option 1: revive the older Tab bar system from MX 5 {This had the best feel and usefulness, since you can still read the tabs, and have a drop-down menu with all excess tabs} {This can be done trough a "official" add-on, or build into as a core mechanic} Option 2: "Lockable" Group tabs which can each hold up to ?? Tabs total. For a total of ?? Group tabs for a total of ?? Tabs. {User defined group tab limit, so each user can adjust it depending on their screen size, since a 27 Inch screen can hold more tabs than a 24 inch screen} {With a setting to Auto generate a new group map, when the Bar hits the user defined limit- amount of existing groups} {can be turned on or off} {each Group tab will get a Drop down menu for Its Grouped tabs} {It is a bit similar to the Favorites bar Map} only then in the browser Tab ________________________ Screenshot: of both versions to compare the current Tab management. {Please note all tabs {without logo} in both windows are "New tabs"}