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  1. Yes, I did a clean install, but the problem persisted. Following the insturctions of s_ta_s I disabled the GPU acceleration, it solved my issue. Thanks for your help, guys!
  2. Hello, dear dev team, I would like to report a strange issue, what is present from the v4.4.1.2000 version to the latest (v4.4.3.4000). Some webpages start loading, but when a graphic chart is present, the whole page goeas black. I can click on anything, but I can see nothing at all. I thingk this issue is related to some Java or Flash errors. Some example pages: Arukereso.hu XE.com Please, report if you have any ideas to resolve my problem. Also post, if you use another version (before v4.4.x) of Maxthon, and you don't have the mentioned problem.