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Status Updates posted by ~Ohke

  1. Q. is there any addon which show the correct spell instead of showing red line A. Right click on red line word = shows the right word, and near similar words.

  2. The fact is, that we have to milk the cow while it's hot. (^^,) Do not let opportunity slip away.

    1. Sapioit_


      For some reason, I cannot see your post here http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php/topic/15199-initial-loading-time/?view=getnewpost even if in hte notifications it says that you posted there...

  3. Lost lots of point, 4 hour from next level, to 86 hour to next upgrade again. LOL Well thats life, just 20 points, for all that cleanup edit. Enjoy..(^^,)

  4. Running Staple Maxthon v. - But suffering from a contagious incurable disease, Write-u-enza. So sorry for all long Post's. (^^,)

    1. ~Ohke


      I'm a voracious reader with Worm -

      Bookworm... (^^,)

    1. ~Ohke


      Hi... There is some help here in Forum for you. More so you can find it easy.

      All this you can delete. But this was the only way to PM you. Sorry for that.

      Best Regards Ohke

  5. Running Staple Version Maxthon v. - But suffering from an incurable disease, Type-o-ensa. So sorry for the long Post's. (^^,)

    1. -ody-


      what is o-ensa ?

    2. ~Ohke


      Type-o-ensa also called wright-u-ensa = a dangerous incurable disease, in a Forum... :lol:

      It's a Danish wordplay, poorly translated into English. It stands for Infl-u-enza... (^^,)

      It's good to have a Humor and self-irony, when your working in a Forum. You get more friends etc.

      Best Regards Ohke

      All answers guaranteed 100% alcohol-fueled.

      You are first drunk when you cannot lie on the floor,

      without holding on to something. (^^,)


  6. Running Staple Version Maxthon v. (^^,)

    1. ~Ohke


      Off Topic = OT = Occupational Therapy - A place where kids get tormented.


      On Topic = OT = Oriental Teamwork - A few harmless Flakes working together, can unleash an Avalanche of Help.

    2. ~Ohke


      When people stop smoking they get cig fits.

      Does the same thing work for SPAM? (^^,)

      All those meetings of

      SPAMholics Anonymous

      helped me find my way.