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  1. you're right, there are some categories I can delete and others I can't (to be sure, I checked that no note was locked inside the category, and sync was done) : "delete category" is grey
  2. works fine here too
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_agent
  4. Go to advanced settings, and you can change your user agent to an already existing one or a customized one (see list top of this thread). Be aware that this changes are for all tabs, and unless you encounter some troubles with the display of a particular site, I recommend to use the default user agent (no UA checked in settings), different user agents may cause some sites to not dilsplay properly
  5. In order to replace the flash dll, you can download and run this very convenient tool (By Truuuc) : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/2583-maxthon-flash-language-updater/ There are 2 versions : a french version which also updates the french language files and removes all language files but english and french, and an english version No installation but you need to run it after each maxthon update.
  6. thanks for your tool, it's very convenient and I use it after each maxthon update...
  7. it's in "reported content".. but it looks like issue is now fixed.
  8. another nice one ! thank you !
  9. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/14596-spellchecker-in-facebook-comments/
  10. patiently waiting ! in the meantime it would be wise to remove this useless feature from settings !
  11. my bad, I did try double click + mouse wheel... double click right or left works !! Thanks a lot
  12. unfortunately it does not work here, no matter how I configure my mouse
  13. great.. are you ready to help us with translation ? if so pm @BugSir005
  14. I confirm this, but mouse scroll to zoom works as intended in retromode.
  15. does not work here..may it be an issue with french keyboard ? edit : I forgot about it : it works fine outside the forum !!!
  16. I din't merge only your post, I merged two threads about spellcheck issue ;)
  17. still does not work in french language : it still deletes all content (latest maxthon version