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  1. There was one in Forum " {java script} Microsoft Translate " and in Extension for the SideBar = a pure Microsoft Translate just like this one below.

    ( But it's removed now both places, with no warning or reason why, this was way better than Google ).



    It's not removed, I have split the toolbar thread (since it has been "hijacked" :p ) : this bookmarklet is still there  http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php/topic/15753-script-12-microsoft-translator-toolbar-for-maxthon-4-and-nitro/

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    When visiting on ebay and other websites, they usually show the currency in dollars or even on other types of currency.

    Each time I'm curious about a product, I have to use Google's website to convert to my country's currency (which is Shekels).

    For example, I type "100 dollars to shekels" , and get this:



    I'd like to have a tool, built in, for converting the selected text to the currency of my choice, or even do it automatically.


    You could even add it inside the translator tool, as this is a special kind of translating (more like: translating is a type of conversion, between languages) ...

    This script might be useful:


    it looks like an extension request, therefore I move it to extension section  :)

  3. I am the only one who thinks that forcing these "adware" updates for older versions of Windows are not very fair to users who doesn't want to upgrade? They only affect the user expierence and PC performance, their information value equels almost to zero. The user doesn't need them. In my eyes it's only a marketing strategy how to quickly get big amount of users to the new system.

    I can't see the benefit of doing this, as long as it is a free upgrade and you can say no.


    Hmmm.  Seems this thread got hyjacked.


    Someone posted a solution here for my problem that involved a number of actions like flushing cache, etc. and I did not have time to follow up. 


    Today I came back to look into following those instructions and found that post seems to be gone and the topic morphed into something else.


    Whare did the answer to my question go?


    My last post on  the topic is quoted here.




    Be that as it may, that is a shared server and directories at that IP is one I access routinely and do not need to be warned about.  


    My share on this IP has nothing to do with the reasons for blacklisting, and many sites using shared hosting get blacklisted when only one site at that address deserves blocking.


    Blacklisting IPs is a shotgun approach where a rifle would be much more useful.  Blacklists are inaccurate and should not be forced on users.  One warning per IP should be enough.


    Firefox allows me to turn off the warnings for that IP, and IMO so should Maxthon.


    There are a number of sites that I have found that I have to use Firefox to access properly, and would prefer Maxthon would allow me to go directly to this site after warning me once, rather than making me want to fire up FF.


    I split this thread, 2 different issues !

  5. Okay i have done the update and the problem seems to be gone woot!


    Thank you again to all that helped and i have to say im really impressed with this browser and although i was a sworn firefox user and never used any other for as long as fox has existed, i can now say i am a very happy MAXTHON user :-) ty!


    I just had one other small thing, there seems to be no share with Pinterest button for Maxthon, but im guessing thats a pinterest issue and not maxthon or?

    different subject : I split this thread  :)

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  6. Join the club ody, I don't think you'll be disappointed in any way!


    Just be prepared for a rather long d/l (depending on your connection) and another hour or so for it to install.

    I'm ready  :)

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  7. Hi, there, 

    actually it is not a bug ,we tested not only in Maxthon browser,  but other browsers like IE, Chrome are also have the default footer and header,  we will inform our product managers about your request, thanks for supporting Maxthon. 

    default footers are ok, I would just like them to be empty by default, or to remember my last settings.

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  8. Don't know if I can take his stare for very long.  He's just really creepy.   :twisted:

    well.. this show is "different", and he's different, creepy is a consequence of his difference, makes him interesting :arf: . I am waiting for next episode ( on june 23rd)

  9. I watched the pilot yesterday. Let's see what happens next !

    You can see the entire first episode here http://www.usanetwork.com/mrrobot



    In MR. ROBOT, Elliot, a cyber-security engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night, is recruited by a mysterious underground group to destroy the firm he's paid to protect. Elliot must decide how far he'll go to expose the forces he believes are running (and ruining) the world.




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  10. Hi there, we've already fixed this bug, but you need undownload the browser and then install a new one~

    sorry to cause trouble to you 

    thanks for supporting Maxthon 

    here latest version and clean install, defaulf footer and header are still there




    we would like those fields to be empty, by default .

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  11. THIS is working for me, no problem with any Login...

    First time you Login to Forum > Right-click on the small window > press Save form > then do it in for E-mail (or phone number) and in you Password to.

    Close the browser so it remembers your Auto Fill. ( see in your Browser Settings > that Magic Fill is set to Auto )

    Next time the small Login windows shows > Right-click > use Fill form > and all your data is revealed.


    If it don't work the first time, then you need to clear out your Cookie first and also the old login to Mx Passport.

    Use Developer Toll in the to right corner > press Resources > press Cookies > right-click on forum.maxthon.com > use Clear

    In your Browser Settings > remove any Login to Mx Passport and Mx Forum (all the old ones) under the Magic Fill Settings.

    Restart Browser > and make your NEW logins, as described above and you can also make a General Identities on you Magic Fill Settings.

    Then is just to test it all again... Now it will work for you...


    FORUM ISSUE Resolved... (^^,)

    Best Regards Ohke

    I think you're not speaking of the same issue : you're speaking of "save the form", other speak of "cookie expiring" which is actually a bug devs are trying to fix.