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  1. it works fine here, either retro and ultra mode, ABP enabled...
  2. adblock + is preinstalled what you find essential is not essential to me, a better flash integration, split screen, advanced tabs, those are more important IMO as you can see, devs can't satisfy everybody ! But I agree the extensions site should be updated and less slow !
  3. don't know anything about "site talk", but at the moment, maxthon can't use chrome extensions. so no wonder you can't install it. We were once told that Mx5 would be compatible with chrome extensions (hopefully in the near future)
  4. yes, because default font (segoe 12) is too small... always have to change it !
  5. edit : at work : windows 7 max : I can reproduce the issue and windows taskbar is not visible when set on autohide it's not a clean install (since I can't use a passport at work) : it might explain those issues.
  6. I just said the merge tool does not work
  7. there's already a post about this in bug section, the bug was supposed to be fixed with last update ... unfortunately the merge tool does not works here....
  8. I know it may sound weird, but could it be somehow related to language files ? (I see your maxton is german)
  9. it works fine here too ! (windows 10)
  10. Bugmiss could you please take a look at this agian ? @TheOriginal in order to fix your issue Bugmiss needs your credentials, I recommend you don't post them in a public area !
  11. sorry but currently it's not possible to change the default font
  12. please read carefuly what I wrote : if there's only an unitled note into the default category, you can't delete it either. strange design indeed : imagine I want to delete the "Notebook" category and all its content, I just can't..... because it's supposed to be a "default category". This does not make any sense.
  13. a "design change" that removes a feature, again !... we also lost the ability to capture "right-click menus" with snapshot...
  14. I'm proud to see that the name I suggested is the one people like the most, this is how I always call Maxthon . Let's hope Mx5 will come very soon !
  15. you can delete a note, you can't delete an "untitled note", if there's no other note inside the default category I don't consider this solved....
  16. no site icon either on tabs (hanjie, cakebox, dropbox... ) and below you can see hanjie and dropbox site icons on Edge...
  17. 1) can't say.. those I tried work fine here. Can you provide a site that doen't work fine with magic fill please ? 2) snap works fine here (both ctrl + F1 and ctrl + F2) 3) another user reported this already, it works fine here.
  18. Confirmed but works fine in retro mode
  19. missing icons may also be related to this (numerous posts about this issue): cakebox, hanjie and dropbox have site icons, and they show using Edge.
  20. I see.. I performed a test : at first there is no category and you have to create manually the first category, once created it's called "default" and you can't delete it. neither can I delete the empty folder (untitled-1) in this default category. If it's by design, I would consider it a "bug by design" lol although I can imagine workarounds to make it "disappear" in case it gets useless, it would be nice if we could delete it !
  21. as far as i can see, there's no default category : when I open maxthon as a guest, skynote is blank, and there is not such thing as "default category"
  22. how do you know which category is the default one please ? Below is a blank skynote and I can't see any (default) category...
  23. @BugMiss006 does your "like" mean you will take this bug in consideration ? it's not solved !! I edited the tag
  24. does not mean much to me : people rating 5 stars useless apps is not something new