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  1. 46 minutes ago, user12 said:

    In Chrome it's very quickly and when you add new extension it doesn't require any review, mb it's not like this anymore, anyway they review new updates for my extensions very fast

    Last time when I uploaded new addon for Firefox it wasn't reviewed fast but addon was still available to download from their addon site (it just would say to users that this addon wasn't reviewed by Mozilla, but they could install it anyway) 

    Opera - 1-5 days (extensions' updates and new extensions)

    So yeah, 2 weeks it's very long for this browser

    they are probably very busy with Mx5

  2. 20 minutes ago, QIK5L said:

    It's safe using it myself on all my computers, there are a few websites that recommend it too.

    thank you ! will give it a try. Now I just have to find out which options I should tick ! (for example what means "disable private settings" ?)


    settings 1.pngsetting2.png

  3. 1 minute ago, joemax said:

    You will be able to upgrade your VIP status in various ways, such as retweeting or sharing on Facebook the Maxthon5 pre-registration Message. I don't know of any other means at this time.

    Did you find this information on Facebook ? (there's nothing about such a way to upgrade VIP status in the FAQ)

  4. 36 minutes ago, PT Ambassador said:

    YEAP! I would rather know as well how do you choose the Proofreaders at Crowdin! I have done almost the TM for Portuguese.

    Do need the evidences?

    Now I am a PRO Translator with credentials, but I saw a person without any qualifications as Proofreader but using the TM!

    Great job! WOW! I AM A FRESH..MAN!

    No talk...no gain!

    :backtopic: please

    the rules are the same for you, me and everybody here, your forum status is linked to your post count, being a translator has nothing to do with it.

    about the VIP status, I had to register to get mine too, the same way you did, and with the same rules.  

    The difference if there's any, is that I visit this place several times a day,  therefore I saw the announcement as soon as it was published and I got a vip 3 level.

    I'm not sure which level you got since your post is from june19 th (4 days after the start)

    If your not happy with what you get, send a complaint to an admin, but honestly I would not dare to complain for something I get for free...


    anyway at the moment no one knows exatcly what these status are about.


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  5. 21 minutes ago, joemax said:

    Why join now, the anniversary update is expected in July? Once I get a copy of that I plan to leave the insider preview updates as they are a pain to install and I doubt that they will be as interesting as those that have been released over the past year.

    because I wanted to get ab+ extension in Edge (I use Edge to play hanjie, and mouse gestures are not compatible with this game, and there's no button to toggle them in maxthon).

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  6. grrr :wacko:... I finally joined the windows insiders and I installed the preview.. and all my restoration points are gone (setting has been reset to "disabled"... )

  7. 14 minutes ago, joemax said:

    Maxthon has released a barrage of tweets stating Mx5 will be available in July(presumably of THIS year)

    if all Bugs register 10000 times each (wich makes 20 days if you count 1 mn per registration and time for sleep) yes we may reach the 100000 on july 10th ! :D

  8. 2 hours ago, PerritoCaliente said:

    but for now i must pay yes¿

    No, you don't have to pay anything, maxthon is free, the VIP status offers you some additional privileges for free for the year to come. the content of these packages is unknown at the moment.

  9. 5 hours ago, PT_AMBASSADOR said:

    Hi would like to know how this VIP levels works?

    The first to register gets more?

    What about the historical?

    Since this new forum started my "level" have downgrade to a freshmam...WOW...I AM FRESH...MAN.

    passport and forum status are 2 different things, your forum level is related to your post count here (20), we all started from scratch 2 years ago when the forum engine was changed. I also think that a selection based on passport levels would have been fairer...

  10. for the record, I had to change my passport email 2 years ago because I didn't receive any email, several email providers seem to blacklist maxthon.com (ie orange.fr, and some other). I changed my passport email to gmail and so far I have no issue to recieve emails from maxthon with my gmail account .

  11. 3 hours ago, PHYR said:

    New one for insiders fast ring, 14361.rs1(unless you're French). They heard about ody :p

    You can find details here: 



    If you have a French Windows 10 Insider Preview build installed on your PC, you will not receive Build 14361. There is an issue with the French translation process in this build that would revert a lot of text that was used to be shown in French back to English. So we have chosen not to release this build to Insiders whose base build is French. If your base build is not French and you have a French Language Pack installed – you will still be able to install the new French language pack on top of this build, but this issue will also impact you.

    discrimination? :(

  12. 33 minutes ago, Shuvongkor said:

    Although we advanced user can install extension at any time we want but for some user some very essential extensions need to be preinstalled like '' Youtube link, Imagus, ad blocker " etc. Maxhon could be the best browser if they can make maxthon a very easy to use browser. 

    adblock + is preinstalled

    what you find essential is not essential to me, a better flash integration, split screen, advanced tabs, those are more important IMO

    as you can see, devs can't satisfy everybody !  But I agree the extensions site should be updated and less slow !