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Bug Comments posted by -ody-

  1. 4 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

    I feel find some rule of this issue. Ody~ could you help me take a screenshot of cakebox, hanjie and dropbox's site icons on web tabs and history in Edge? and their site icons in history in Maxthon. Thanks a lot.

    I tried and it also happen on my computer. I will transfer to test team to confirm.

    ( cakebox icon is missing in both maxthon and edge)







  2. 8 hours ago, Burn2 said:

    It happens randomly. I could only see that Maxthon reserved more than one GB of RAM last time it crashed. In my opinion it happens if many tabs with complex web pages are open. I also let Maxthon running for a long time and just send my notebook to standby. I can add more existing crash dumps if needed or configure an local user dump in Windows. For now I just cleared the cached data.

    I know it may sound weird, but could it be somehow related to language files ? (I see your maxton is german)

  3. 3 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

    you can't delete an untitled note? I can delete. Could you give me a screenshot? maybe some problems here.


    please read carefuly what I wrote : if there's only an unitled note into the default category, you can't delete it either. 

    strange design indeed :  imagine I want to delete the "Notebook" category and all its content, I just can't..... because it's supposed to be a "default category". This does not make any sense.


  4. 2 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

    can delete note in default category.


    I also will transfer this hope and suggestion to design team~

    you can delete a note, you can't delete an "untitled note", if there's no other note inside the default category

    I don't consider this solved.... 

  5. 4 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

    This because the website has no default site icon. Usually, browsers catch the site icon automatically from website information. However, if some websites have no site icon in itself website information, browsers can't get it. You will see all places, where need site icon, have no site icon display for this website. This also happen in tab site icon display.

    missing icons may also be related to this (numerous posts about this issue): 



    cakebox, hanjie and dropbox have site icons, and they show using Edge.


  6. I see.. I performed a test : at first there is no category and you have to create manually the first category, once created it's called "default" and you can't delete it.

    neither can I delete the empty folder (untitled-1) in this default category.

    If it's by design, I would consider it a "bug by design" lol 

    although I can imagine workarounds to make it "disappear" in case it gets useless, it would be nice if we could delete it !

  7. 2 hours ago, Blinderson said:

    I have 4 categories; 3 I can delete. I have renamed some so I don't know which is a default anymore....sorry.


    as far as i can see, there's no default category : when I open maxthon as a guest, skynote is blank, and there is not such thing as "default category"

  8. 6 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

    I tested it. I can delete Custom Category, only Default Category can't be deleted.

    Could you help me to verify only can't delete some Category or all Categories can't be deleted on your computer?


    how do you know which category is the default one please ? 

    Below is a blank skynote and I can't see any (default) category...blank.png