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  1. can you give us some more precisions (video, many tabs ?...) ? and did you test with another browser ?
  2. Bisoprolol replied at 2015-3-14 14:24 Just checking here: http://whatsmyuseragent.com/ this one gives a better result (doesn't ignore maxthon) : http://www.useragentstring.com/ with http://whatsmyuseragent.com/ 12591 with http://www.useragentstring.com/ 12592
  3. hi, I guess you're speaking of this issue ? http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=13625&fromuid=410855 if so, it's on the devs to do list
  4. I just forgot about these red dots : I don't pay any attention. I guess there was several user requests to implement this, it's difficult to content everybody.
  5. MarkStrobel3367 replied at 2015-3-10 22:10 Thank you so much!! or right click anywhere in the page....
  6. devs told us they're are working on it... but unfortunately they also told us that it might take some time
  7. just an idea : in task manager, close all maxthon running process before you try to delete those files.
  8. michigeo replied at 2015-3-3 22:04 the problem is that because the file is missing or it is corrupted I cannot delete the folder, it ... if you are connected to your passport, and if you synced your datas, close maxthon and then you can delete the whole maxthon appdata/roaming folder : next maxthon start, maxthon will recreate one and you will only lose your skin, if you have one, and some minor settings (like search box, retro/ultra button...) before you do this, you may backup your maxthon3 folder : rename it to "maxthon3.sav" or something like that
  9. AdminH replied at 2015-2-27 22:45 Hi guys, Please, go to our blog http://www.maxthon.com/blog/update-superfish-and-maxthon/ and you w ... false positive or not, it's fixed in last test version. We just have to wait for the new update ! 12106
  10. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-1 07:30 Weird, I don't even get a safe logo in the addressbar on facebook.com?? I get the safe logo, and I have the same issue....
  11. Oliver One replied at 2015-2-24 09:34 Because you don't have Passport account. Normaly it appears one time only (I think but not sure). I can't log into passport at work however I don't get those popups (I only got it once). I'm not sure it's linked to the passport
  12. jseeley replied at 2015-2-24 07:51 I have adblock off and it's still doing it. No matter what website I use for my homepage, they all ... yes it's the same here, 2 different machines, one on windows seven, and the other one at work on xp. ABP on or off does not change anything
  13. my bad : as I clear it rather often, I was thinking it worked... then it's another unfixed issue...
  14. online history works fine here.. it's just that I delete it from times to times (last time was 4 days ago...).. so I can't tell how long maxthon keeps it. online and local are the same here, as I keep them synchronised.
  15. You can go here http://history.maxthon.com/History to check your maxthon online history. It looks that I can go back forever, but unfortunately I delete my history every now and then so i can't tell you how long maxthon keeps it.
  16. Dardwizzle replied at 2015-2-19 13:40 First of all it has nothing to do with lazy. Second of all, I never said they were "hard-to-find" an ... Magg really tried to help you. Someone suggested you to use retro mode on the sites you still have trouble with. I think everything that honestly could be done to help you has been done. I hope this closes this off-topic part of the thread. Thank you for your understanding
  17. last time I used it it worked... can you give us a link please ?
  18. It happened to me on a few sites too, though I can't remember which ones at the moment. it was not related to ABP, and those sites worked fine using retromode. did you try in retromode ?
  19. A.S. replied at 2015-2-10 21:18 2 tabs I opened 4 tabs + 200 MB They kidding us. this has nothing to do with the initial question. I split this thread
  20. hi, is the connection to the server allowed at your work ?
  21. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-2-7 03:06 My default encoding is set to UTF-8 and I don't have the problem he is experiencing. And my insta ... words are missing here too ( utf-8 ), other encodings display wrong characters and are unusuable.