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  1. Synchronizing is still not ok. Changes to the bookmarks are only partially synced to other devices.. It does erase all on another device, and then rewrites - but not everything. Completeley de-installing, and re-installing Maxthon does get the bookmarks.
  2. - This morning I imported the bookmarks I exported earlier in user#1 on my laptop - I updated the bookmarks, and exported them to have a back up - I opened MX6 on my phone#1 - the one all bookmarks were erased and tried to sync to no avail - This evening I opened MX6 on this phone#1 again. All bookmarks synchronized - I opened MX6 on my phone#2 - the one that still had the partially synchronized bookmarks from before and let it synchronize - After not too long all those bookmarks disappeared, and then the new bookmarks showed up - I installed MX6 on my tablet (also Windows 10), log
  3. mx://bookmarks/ all instances are installation versions. all users have administrator permissions. 2 users on a Windows 10 HP laptop 2 users on Android phones: - HTC U12+ Android 9 - Oppo Find X2 Pro Android 10 I haven't installed MX6 on my Windows 10 tablet yet - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro but the result will be the same. The issue is not in the hardware or OS. Now if I open MX on one of the devices that still had some bookmarks left - I see them disappear straight away. Perhaps if I switch syncing off on the emptied installations I can keep the last one, and try to fr
  4. I was happy with MyIE/Maxthon until version 5. Then the bookmarks sync problems started, and reorganizing bookmarks was terrible. Even after managing to organize something then because of synchronization issues it could disappear again. I got totally fed up with that, but because of 19 years of using this browser I decided to try MX 6. I got the MX5 bookmarks as far as they were synchronized imported and copied into a MX6-bookmarks folder. I was happy with the MX6 possibilities to (re)organize bookmarks, and simply add them. Synchronization was still not perfect all, on both my phones I