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  1. Yes, I have. I was send by Telegram.
  2. On that page I don't have a button too. I think there are no premission to send private message for me.
  3. No message button:
  4. In Maxthon 5 passwords work sucessfully. Also, I was make private note in Maxthon6 and I can see it in Maxthon 5 and in Maxthon 6 after restart. Saved accounts works too. Unfortunately, I can't find button for send private message in Your profile
  5. Version (64bit) 0408 2022-05-05 18-47-43.mkv No any changes In our country blocked all russian websites and servers. Do you use this resources?
  6. I clicked manually. The are some error. After few seconds button was return to "Sync". I want take attention to I can`t save passwords in current session to.
  7. After login I has "Sync failed", and in PassKeer still zero saved passwords:
  8. I used Maxthon on 3 devices. Usually I update Maxthon to new version when it show prompt on each device. But now war in Ukraine and I have access only to one device. I don't remember which was a last version with correct work. When I was found bug with PassKeeper I have limited internet access. After near month I was change my location and check update for Maxthon. I was enable "update to beta" and install update but PassKeeper still not work and forms are not saved. Now I received "Error" when pressed button "Sync error" in PassKeeper:
  9. Yes, I'am try to restore previous backup by clicking "Check backup" and after I was return to my PassKeeper and clicked "Sync". Password counter still "zero" and when I click "save form" in login fields of any web-sites there are no saved passwords in PassKeeper. My e-mail is admin @ sergeyk .kiev. ua
  10. The bug was showed after I update browser. Atter some time I try to update brouser to the newes version (64bit) 0408, but bug still present. If I try to save new password by clicking Alt+1, thera are no new password in PassKeeper (zero collected paswords). Early I was received "Error 900" or "Error 999", but not remember now, but now I successfully login to account and see all my passwords. But in Maxthon 6 no saved passwords in PassKeeper. I was read topic, need I post this information to them?
  11. I used Maxthon form times when it was MyIE name. On that time it will be great for use with Dial-Up internet connection and saved open pages for next sesion. In future it was usable feature - cloud tabs, I learn WWW and if I founded interesting web sute? but not have time to read, I clucked "send to... my home PC" or "... laptop" and when I run my other computer this web site was opened. It was usefull but in last Maxthon there are no this feature unfortunatelly. After last updates I have trouble with passkeeper, I lost all my saved paswords.