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  1. I made the mistake to completely uninstall and reinstall the maxthon 5. After login the synchronization started and then failed. The downloaded favorites are about a half year old, most of the favorite folders are empty, duplicates, old deleted links. I suspect that the problem was generated when I tried first time the version 6. Since then, the version 5 did not synchronize, the abnormal account error was from about a month. Now version 5 fails also to synchronize, the sync favorites rotating icon don't stop or stop with an error message. [update] I made the Windows 10 system restore and to my surprise the Maxthon 5 and its data was restored and now is working and in sync.
  2. Same problem here. Following the instructions to re-login doesn't fix the error. I will not migrate to version 6 because of missing favorite tree at the left side. The menu is not OK for a collection of favorites, no search.