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  1. Same minor display problem with as with (see attachment aerodisplay.jpg ).

    IE, FF, Opera, & Google Chrome all display http://www.comcom121.org/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=5 correctly (see areodisplayedcorrectly.jpg attachment using Firefox)

    It should look like this: Board index Gabby's Tips Gabby's Tips

    Not like this: Boa < Gab... < Gab...

    Is this something I can fix or is it a bug?



    default browser = Maxthon

    Windows 8.1

    phpBB 3.1.3

    aero style 2.0.4



  2. Hi <{}>,

    The URL shouldn't matter. It's the same one I use for IE, FF, Opera, MX4.3.4000, Google Chrome, and Flash Peak Slim Browser.

    I open Nitro and it displays a search field and several search engine options. I enter my URL in the address field and the web page displays correctly. I then select, "Use current page as Homepage" and then close Nitro. I open Nitro again and it opens to the search page not my URL.

  3. Just installed Nitro, sure is blazng fast.

    I can't get Nitro to open to my home page even though I opted for "Use current page as home page." I have to click my home page icon whereas with MX4.xxx it opend directly to my home page. Nitro has been set to be my default browser.




    PS: The drop down issue menu doesn't offer Windows 8.1 so I opted for Android.