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  1. Thank you for your continuous improvements to this fabulous browser. However, since upgrading to this latest version, my windows 10 does not recognise the upgrade and I had to use a workaround to get it to work. In the attached you will see I renamed the older version sub-directory ( to AA6.1.2.3000) to achieve this. Now, I cannot get windows to choose version Maxthon to associate with web links. Is there some solution like a registry setting that will make the link work? Thank you.
  2. Thank you BugSir006. Updating to the latest version fixed the problem.
  3. Thank you BugSir006. I have tried your advice but nothing transfers. Are there other settings that are needed to make this happen. My OD is Windows 10.
  4. Has anyone any suggestions for transfering accumulated passwords in MX5 to MX6? Any advice would be greatly appreciated