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  1. The new edition: I had to uninstall it for some reason. Now I can not find it anymore in the Extension Center. I could not log in with the extension I had.


    I have answered the question myself, which means: I still do not find it in the center but on this thread: 



  2. Now with MX5 (my favorite) it goes again, but now no matter.

    tongue2.gif  Do you have to move the Thread.

    But you know something? I only start no longer with MX4; I have now so used to the handling of MX5: No other is better.  smilie_winke_047.gifBookmark I need only 222 of 3333. MX 5 more you do not need.


  3. I wrote it now in here, because I can not find a support page where I can write it.

    V4.9.4.200 - First Impressions


    It is important first of all: Clean installation; but Google login still does not work with LastPass therefore still needs to be done manually.


    Edit Google Bookmarks still does not work. Only you have to click on the individual items, they can be changed individually, but not about




    Manage label:


  4. What they may all say: I am a faithful Maxthonianer. If we are honest once we get for years a Free browser. When you consider how Google spying us all so it worth it for them, but look Android what his can at MX5 already wrong? 

    So MX Team: Give us the download link !!! :top:

  5. I am also one of the curious when something is new, I have to have it immediately. OK, I have the 5 tested, but currently it is just too cumbersome. It's like other browsers, check the Vivaldi as an example, great features, gimmick ... I'll keep coming back to MX 4..600, left sidebar and I just need to import favorites with first delete old. With other browsers, I have to stop doing Task Manager browser, so I can see new bookmarks only always. Maxthon imported easily and conveniently 4..600beta, easy fast, practical, good. I can wait for the invitation to test, though I naturally constantly look in my Gmail mailbox and back and go, shit, human impatience.



  6. 1 hour ago, PsyAfter said:

    got it.

    very niceeeeee browserrrrr

    thanks MX

    V3 here: I can be jelaous :wacko:

    Supplement: And what I love about him is immediate: you can rename  again GMarks and you can login with LastPass  into Gmail. That did not work with "mx4.9.3.1000" .

    At one by working with 2 start buttons I find also good. You can use parallel both. great

  7. 58 minutes ago, PHYR said:

    No, but they can run separately. I have shortcut to both on task bar.

    If you think M5 is minimalist you haven't looked at it. Explore than comment something intelligent.


    the hand's always quickly than the eye. Appearance he does now as always with me. OK, some extensions are still missing. I realized how I set the bar favorites, sorted by title, delete these bookmarks which were twice in arduous work. But ask me now: What is better to this browser as a mx4.9.2.600-beta? So, I'll be smart and wait until I get invited officially. This Chinese - English only is it a bit strange. Long waits and poor sleep, so I .... had expected a little more.

  8. Yes I've got the the previous post and with my "Maxthon" -Gmail label doesn't anything go through :p :titter: :D


    The next few days are only these links important for us:

    Maxthon Browser

    Maxthon Web Browser (@Maxthon) | Twitter

    Do you get your MX5's VIP? - Page 6 - Maxthon News - Maxthon Community