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  1. Hallo from Hamburg@Germany

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    2. Chantao


      Ich habe keine Probleme mit MXfive :Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42:

      Ich bin schon seit MX2 dabei


    3. Chantao


      OK, er macht nicht alles so, wie andere Browser es können, aber ich habe ihn einfach lieb :Blow_Kiss_Emoji_42x42:

      Als Android-Browser mag ich ihn jedoch nicht soooo sehr; er kann z.B. keine Google-Bookmarks so richtig, soll heißen, er schreibt immer den ganzen Link aus. Ich bin einer von jenen, die auf dem Desktop 5000 Lesezeichen mit sich rumschleppt und auf GMarks auch nochmal 3000 Label hat. Ich bin ein pingeliger Mensch, deshalb habe ich mir aus dem Yuzu-Browser bzw. dem Habit-Browser von Google-Play die Browser so zurecht gebastelt, dass sie so sind, wie ich MX5 gerne hätte. 

      Wahrscheinlich habe ich auch aufgehört mit MX Probleme zu haben seit ich gemerkt habe, dass es einige Sachen gibt, die sich nie ändern werden, so z.B., dass es nicht mehr möglich scheint, dass die Bookmarks auf der angezeigten Favoritenleiste sich automatisch alphabetisch sortieren. Bei "V" jedenfalls ging's noch, aber das ist nun wirklich ein ganz geringes Problem.

      Vielleicht könnte ich selbst Entwickler sein oder Extensions basteln, aber da bin ich einfach zu faul zu.

      OK, erstmal schöne Grüße aus Hamburg. Und wenn ich mal nicht hier bin gibt es auch noch "fauth.rainer(at)".



      P.S. Toll mal nicht alles erst auf Englisch umfrummeln zu müssen.




    4. DJ2013


      Danke für Feedback,

      falls Sie Zugriff auf MAxthon Zendesk haben dann bitte meinen Request  1048057 als erledigt zeichnen.


  2. The new edition: I had to uninstall it for some reason. Now I can not find it anymore in the Extension Center. I could not log in with the extension I had. ----------------- I have answered the question myself, which means: I still do not find it in the center but on this thread:
  3. "

    Where ist he ? I saw him at changelogs

  4. My question is: Can I import a guest access snapshot into my login version?

  5. The Maxthon community is the only browser forum that is really active and working. The fact that we are all in English language is really not too much. In addition, in times of Bing or Google translator.
  6. "It is gigantic" Chantao likes your LIKE :100::5884970a7da3a_1::Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42: 

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    2. BugSir006


      Wow. could I subscribe to your blog? what are the topic you usually write?

    3. Chantao


      Most of the moment is still Taoism and life experience, but (Wordpress) it has really developed a large community and all need Maxthon.:)

    4. DJ2013


      Greetings from Germany:5884970a7da3a_1:

  7. Site "" shows me 20, Hoppla. To take for Opera?
  8. Is nevertheless a great thing with the MX5 your QA-Extension, Magg.
  9. Madness, Magg But if one leaves the browser and another confirmed as main browser, example MX4 and MX5 Tablo is empty again.
  10. Наконец кто-то спрашивает такой храбрый
  11. On the download page, above "blue screen" to download 500 and below you download old version (100). Is it wanted like that ?
  12. And the Taoist smiles and calms down. *grin* If you count all MX forum versions together, you always start even with the contribution of new points, then I too am an "old hand"
  13. What they may all say: I am a faithful Maxthonianer. If we are honest once we get for years a Free browser. When you consider how Google spying us all so it worth it for them, but look Android what his can at MX5 already wrong? So MX Team: Give us the download link !!!
  14. I am also one of the curious when something is new, I have to have it immediately. OK, I have the 5 tested, but currently it is just too cumbersome. It's like other browsers, check the Vivaldi as an example, great features, gimmick ... I'll keep coming back to MX 4..600, left sidebar and I just need to import favorites with first delete old. With other browsers, I have to stop doing Task Manager browser, so I can see new bookmarks only always. Maxthon imported easily and conveniently 4..600beta, easy fast, practical, good. I can wait for the invitation to test, though I naturally constantly look in my Gmail mailbox and back and go, shit, human impatience.
  15. V3 here: I can be jelaous Supplement: And what I love about him is immediate: you can rename again GMarks and you can login with LastPass into Gmail. That did not work with "mx4.9.3.1000" . At one by working with 2 start buttons I find also good. You can use parallel both. great
  16. the hand's always quickly than the eye. Appearance he does now as always with me. OK, some extensions are still missing. I realized how I set the bar favorites, sorted by title, delete these bookmarks which were twice in arduous work. But ask me now: What is better to this browser as a mx4.9.2.600-beta? So, I'll be smart and wait until I get invited officially. This Chinese - English only is it a bit strange. Long waits and poor sleep, so I .... had expected a little more.
  17. Yes, that is what I really meant, PHYR, THX.
  18. Anyway, he looks almost the same as 4.9 and it makes also edit Google Bookmarks, HEUREKA. My beloved MX has its incarnation, truly a quantum leap.
  19. Well I saw, but than MX5 crashes in worse case ;(((