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  1. BugSir007 replied at 2015-2-3 22:09 Hi again , After some investigation, we found out that the problem could be due to many factors incl ... Thanks Guys, setting the web font the default seems to fix my problem. Thank you very much it bothers me for more than an year I'll keep you posted if i notice any further issues regarding that but so far everything looks good. Thank you once again guys.
  2. Hi guys, I was just wondering is there any additional info on that annoying problem. There is one more site to add although there is plenty of sites that use tag which is not rendered in Ultra mode. The site is: https://github.com/explore the good thing is that most of the sites are working (with some compromise) in retro mode as well (except for kibana) so i can switch cause it is really annoying to browse without be able to see some images. I was just wondering why is that not considered as a bug i can imagine the tag is pretty popular.
  3. There is the HTML in RetroMode http://pastebin.com/TfAYeFca and this is the code in UltraMode: http://pastebin.com/Xr1p7tY2 The "Enable standard rendering in Retro Mode" option is checked.
  4. Hello. I'm still getting problems on some sites: There is one of the problem sites: https://kibana.bedegaming.net Unfortunately this is a company limited site so you won't have access to it. However there is the problem: When i get in Ultra mode i can browse the site and the site is fully functional however the icons used with in the html are not rendered in Maxthon Here is how the those icons looks like in Maxthon: http://gyazo.com/708634d2340804c65e8cb52326810e29 This is how they look in Chrome for instance: http://gyazo.com/8d643a790b7c35ed24939842909df090 When i switch to Retro mode i am able to see those icons http://gyazo.com/f98e0589150d64fb235a69262f5cfd9a However I'm getting the error message (as shown on the last screenshot) and the site is not working anymore. Please advice is it possible to somehow workaround this. PS: It might be worth to say that the site is on https:// protocol and i have to press "Run unsafe scripts" on Chrome in order to display the site correctly. Regards.