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  1. Congrats for the version 7! as was said works fine and look well the blur effect and the dynamic background image for the start up page. i had no troubles with the google chrome extensions.. thank you so much! i was thinking, my only one petition is take advantage of the sidebar's space, maybe also put a button for whatsapp, telegram and some extensions? (only if possible, of course) finally thank you again and let the good work go on !
  2. hello this is private?

    1. elnoos


      dont know how to send a private message

      please give your email



    2. BugSir006


      Hello elnoos,

      My email address is huangshan@maxthon.net.

  3. i dont know why my maxthon 5 crashed! so when i reenter.. i didnt find any of my quick access links!! i tried reinstalling delete all temp files i dnt know what else to try please how can i restore them? thanks in advanced! elnoos