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  1. Other browsers has option to work offline ;-) But they doesn't have so clever cache management as Maxthon does.
  2. Hello, it seems that Maxthon doesn't have the "work in offline mode" option... It is causing problems, when the Internet connection is not available and the computer has more network adapters (such as VirtulBox). Maxthon tries to connect (that's good), but it is impossible to establish the connection. Unfortunately, the operation isn't cancelled after some time. The problem is when I want to reload some page from the cache, Maxthon won't do it. Switching Wi-Fi network card using the WiFi button doesn't help, because it doesn't affect the virtual network adapter. The only solution is to
  3. R3gi

    Wooden Darkness

    Updated. Just small fix...:-)
  4. Hello, is it possible to translate also "Developer tools"? Maxthon's user interface, the whole website, market descriptions, marketing emails etc are already fully localized, but this essential tool (not only for building AdHunter rules) is still in english language only :-( Why? Thanks! R3gi, Czech translator
  5. R3gi

    Wooden Darkness

    You're right, but the problem is, that the night mode change the backgrounds and I think It's not possible to replace them with for example wooden background, just the colors as you say...but this skin imho doesn't require switching to night mode :-D Also it isn't a skin for the browser window, it's only replacement of some CSS rules for maxthon's web and forum...so, actually it's not a real skin :-)
  6. R3gi

    Wooden Darkness

    Sure, you can simply change the background images :-)
  7. R3gi

    Wooden Darkness

    Hello there! Let me introduce you my new skin "Wooden Darkness" for Maxthon's website & Forum! I have reworked and optimized the user interface, so it doesn't hurt my eyes when browsing web at night. But it isn't too dark, as some black skins are, so it could be comfortably used also during the whole day :-) A few screenshots: It's not finished yet, just first alpha version, but in my opinion it's usable, so you may try it ;-) Just simply copy this code and paste it to AdHunter for maxthon.com:! Wooden Darkness v0.3 ! Maxthon.com skin ! by Zugi, Czech Republ