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  1. Really good work, thanks for hover actions!

    But dark skin is not dark at all...could you please change the color of favorites bar and tab bar (and also all other panels) to some darker color? Tabs could be lighter and hover color could light them up by for example blue color...

  2. Yes, you are right, so as the Support desk, but I think that's related to Maxthon's website, which is managed by someone else, if I am right...

    Btw these strange What's New pages should be completely removed since they are outdated, annoying and their information value leads to absolute Zero :-)

    EDIT: Cool, Maxthon created the Maxthon Help Desk localization project three months ago (!), but it's been set as invisible for some reason. #facepalm

  3. tony. replied at 2015-1-4 11:05 back.gif

    your point is what? - its not the fault of Maxthon but of the web page - Maxthon renders what is the ...

    That's not true. What about responsive design? More and more websites have now support for small (mobile) screens and low resolutions. Problem is in Maxthon's user interface. Sure, you can use custom skin, but which? Is there some clever fully working skin intended for work? I know only about Snapper skin, which has problems with new versions...

  4. The link in the post from the top of the page works, but the post from that link can appear also in "Stream" (page with 2 or 3 columns), unfortunatelly it is not possible to send link directly to the stream view (that's why I didn't include it at first).

    Try to resize the window for Test link #2 ;-)


    I've already tried - switching language or encoding doesn't solve it :'-( I am quite sure that this problem is not only in my browser.


  5. Hello, displaying this info link at the bottom is normal behaviour in Maxthon, but sometimes it causes problems for example on dynamic websites, which are loading it's content piecewise. This problem usually appears on G+, YouTube or in some e-shops. The page behaves normal, without loosing any functionality, but the link appears because something is probably (pre)loading at the background. Problem is that it covers content and restricts it's use. I can't see the content behind it and even I can't click through it.

    For example in latest IE 11 it doesn't display at all. Just please visit this example website in Maxthon and you will see it (here it doesn't cause any usage problems).


    Solution is easy - possible options are:

    1. Do not display this info (frankly, who needs it?)

    2. Let it disappear when the cursor is close to it

    3. Add option to advanced settings to turn it off


  6. Hello community,

    unfortunately similar thread is locked so I have to create a new one.

    The problem is that Maxthon still freezes when moving tabs. I am not sure why, but it's really annoying. Maybe it could be in some way connected also to this bug.



    Steps to reproduce this issue:

    1. Enable Split view mode.

    2. Open a few tabs, if you like. Also please open G+, YouTube or any other page, which takes longer time to load.

    3. WHILE the web page is being loaded, try to move it to the left or right panel continuously.

    4. Browser will freeze.

    Please, when we can expect a solution to this problem? :-)

    Thank you