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  1. On 10/10/2023 at 7:32 PM, MichaelC362 said:

    Is there any technical reason why Maxthon couldn't support multiple sessions at the tab level (i.e without having to open another window)?
    I would like to access, for example, work & home emails (simultaneously be logged into different accounts, but for the same service/website), but within the same window, else the resource requirements are too high & PC becomes super slow switching between them (works PC, so NOT a great spec!).

    I know there are various extensions available, but most are either discontinued (so unlikely to work or remain compatible for long) or seem too complicated/awkward to use (at least, nothing I've tried was as easy as opening another window in Maxthon).

    Ideally, needs adding to tab right-click as "duplicate to new session" (or something similar)

    Cents 5.0.1002.354 have multiple sessions feature (Chromium 102)

    It was killer feature to me since I had to log in with multilple IDs at work.

    What I use is SessionBox now on Maxthon, Catsxp (only 5 tabs for free user)

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  2. I wish there is a little more option for this - 

    turn on/off toggle button to "add to this folder" (to me. it takes space)

    adujust width bookmark list (if title is long. it's too wide)




    How can I bookmark sites under the "other bookmarks"

    there is no folder list in edit bookmark



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