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  1. Tab height problem for maximized and windowed in multiple monitors is fixed 🙂
  2. Tab height problem is not fixed. more than two monitors, if one window is maximized and the other windows are not. the height of tab is changed
  3. I don't know it's already reported I use multiple monitors. The height of the tab bar is changed when I click then the tab. if one window is maximized and the other windows is not
  4. There will be hotfix for this? CVE-2023-2136 CVE-2023-2033
  5. Daily image and change don't work in incognito mode. It's back to normal after I clear browsing data. da
  6. The tab is not closed until I close the window. 2023-04-16 14 10 02.mp4
  7. Maxthon Version I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. Tab goes to sleep mode after 2-3 hours. even if tab sleep wasn't checked If you have a same problem, you can disable this mode 1. chrome://flags or mx://flags 2. Search "Enable the high efficiency mode feature in the settings" 3. Change to Disabled or you can turn it off individual tabs (until you close windows) 1. visit site you want to disable sleep mode 2. Open new tab and type chrome://discards or mx:discards 3. Search tab which you want to disable sleep mode in the tab title 4. Click the Toggle button(link)
  8. I don't know why but It's not a big problem. I can use other themes.
  9. I'm using custom theme (I guess) yes. there is no problem with default theme 👍🏻 The default address bar is squire and the one I use is rounded. 🤔
  10. Version (64-bit) and portable
  11. Incognito mode. The font color and background color are black. round edge is not smooth when address bar is actived.
  12. download progress bar doesn't show properly
  13. I don't know why and how "+" button is moved 🙄
  14. I wish there is a little more option for this - turn on/off toggle button to "add to this folder" (to me. it takes space) adujust width bookmark list (if title is long. it's too wide) ---- added How can I bookmark sites under the "other bookmarks" there is no folder list in edit bookmark