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  1. "2) Tab opened in new background tab doesn't finish loading (endless circling animation on tab bar) until it's selected." I have the same issue. and Maxthon will not support window7, 8, 8.1 after Chromium 110?
  2. "Get search engines from your browsing history and add them to search engine list automatically" is there no disable option for this?
  3. This version has a little issue with Infinity New Tab https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/infinity-new-tab/dbfmnekepjoapopniengjbcpnbljalfg the tab icon is changed after open a new tab other web sites are fine attach/detach tab behavior is weird sometimes I can't attach tab to another window and only have to drag to + button not somewhere in the tab area and I don't understand why the window is hidden while moving. it's not easy to guess how will window open (the position)
  4. I wish there is a little more option for this - turn on/off toggle button to "add to this folder" (to me. it takes space) adujust width bookmark list (if title is long. it's too wide) ---- added How can I bookmark sites under the "other bookmarks" there is no folder list in edit bookmark