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  1. 4 hours ago, MaxthonJeff said:

    My friends, the purpose of alpha test is to find problems and fix them before sending to more people. Thanks to early participants, we already located some bugs and are fixing them. You can expect us start sending more links in next 2 days.




    the purpose of the pre-register alpha tester is to send us the alpha test to test it and we give MX support what we found ...

    did i miss anything ?



    Register to win priority to join in α testing of MX5


    If you register in this campaign, you will have priority to join in α testing of MX5.

    This means you can experience MX5 earlier than other people.


  2. 41 minutes ago, MAXSHARK said:

    In my opinion,privacy is the most important thing nowadays.Even if it is alfa beta or official version.Username and password should not be required to use maxthon 5.

    It is the biggest issue and a very big disappointment for me :(

    I remember I was so thrilled when ads were going on saying "something big is coming"..At the ent it was nothing :( 

    I hope this time Maxthon 5 will really be different :(

    maybe they worked on the privacy first and now still only the look and etc

    (hope so cuz in my Maxthon account all my passwords almost :p )




    if i put my email in the pre-register site

    is that will sow me my number when I sign up ?

    or maybe will Complicate the sign up and maybe will remove my email from the time I sign up to this thime and my email will removed from the list +.+ ?

    or nothing will happen :questionmark-smiley-01: ?