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  1. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-6 23:14 For your first problem, have you tested without Ad Hunter ? Or maybe it's your User Agent who is no ... why i'm not think about that... make sense... and when i try, it work thanks Oliver One..
  2. i don't know if anyone have the same problem with me... i have a problem about gmail. when i open a "message" the content doesn't appear... i don't know what happen, but when i open with another browser, that's normal, just have a problem when i use maxthon... it happen for couple month, hope that will be better but not... i always update my maxthon. currently i use version and the second problem is recently every time i disconnect and turn off my laptop and then start using maxthon again, open any site that require login (such as facebook, etc) it's always ask to login. even there's a user & password from magic fill (and some of the site that i bookmark lost it) it's quite bothering me. i mean, before this happen when i open site like fb (or other site that require login) it directly / automatic enter to my page (doesn't required login, it's already login), you know what i mean... i hope there's a way out for my problem.. thanks and sorry for my bad english..