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  1. odyssee replied at 2014-11-10 22:11 back.gif

    it's an alcatel one touch.

    anyway I need to learn more about rooting a phone before I try. As soon a ...

    You can search on Google How to root your device but you must strictly follow all the given instructions, or You can go to this link for quick one touch root, You can check other 1-Click Root methods by scrolling down a bit in the site and you will see 3 Options in colored boxes, Choose Best 1-Click Root Methods, You will encounter multiple reboot for your device while rooting but don't disconnect it because it might result to brick

    However, I don't know how to flash CWM after doing 1-Click root because I manually rooted my phone

  2. I made an update package that gives you Root Privileges without SuperUser, You can check it here: Root w/o Superuser, But you will need CWM recovery to install it because I made it myself meaning it has no signature...

    If you tried it, Please reply if it works, Not working or Bricked your device, I already added Unroot packages on the post so no worries if your phone gets bricked, But also you must have your original update package if you want to root your phone again

    Tested with:

    Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus S5301 : Working

    StarMobile Sky : Not working hmmm...

  3. You mean literally restarts the browser... I'm sorry but there may not be an extension for that on Maxthon unlike Mozilla, Don't know why you want to restart your browser because it only costs you more time instead of closing tabs instead

    About the Every browser has this feature, It can be a bit exaggerated since I haven't encountered restart on other browsers even Opera Mini, I only encountered Browsers restarting after they crash just like chrome...

  4. It's already been a long time since it happened, I was still using chrome that time, maybe I got it from untrusted installers with evo-gen I think?

    The extension was installed in chrome and has transfered to Maxthon, Tried contacting clkmon and they said it may be an extension, Just watch out for some extensions installed that you do not know what its use or has weird name