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  1. MX downloader worked for me... Downloaded 2 files a while ago, 1 apk and 1 rar=>downloaded from MegaUpload
  2. Perhaps the problem might be from google... Tried opening the video in new tab and IDM download appears
  3. You mean literally restarts the browser... I'm sorry but there may not be an extension for that on Maxthon unlike Mozilla, Don't know why you want to restart your browser because it only costs you more time instead of closing tabs instead About the Every browser has this feature, It can be a bit exaggerated since I haven't encountered restart on other browsers even Opera Mini, I only encountered Browsers restarting after they crash just like chrome...
  4. 17631156 replied at 2014-11-7 20:16 Took a while for the issue to present itself (no clue how to trigger it manually) but it did happen ... I always disable proxy and still no problems Seriously, Chrome?
  5. I tried socks5 this month and it never had a problem like that... What's up with my browser shown in this post? I'm using Mx4 not Chrome[/u...
  6. Haven't tested all pages with ads but it blocks ads accurately, doesn't block those that I don't want to be blocked like those in the side of the video
  7. I also can't use Hangouts, thought it was a problem with my internet connection but seen this post which made it an issue
  8. It's already been a long time since it happened, I was still using chrome that time, maybe I got it from untrusted installers with evo-gen I think? The extension was installed in chrome and has transfered to Maxthon, Tried contacting clkmon and they said it may be an extension, Just watch out for some extensions installed that you do not know what its use or has weird name
  9. Had a problem like this alike but not only in one site but every site, I click a link, another link is opened to "clkmon" Problem solved by removing some extensions and apps installed unknowingly