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Posts posted by DARKSTORM

  1. I would like to ask to improve MX4s performance and overall responsiveness

    Starting from opening a new tab because it takes some time to load new tab after some time opening the browser, Its responsiveness because after visiting some site then returning to some sites you need to type, It sometimes become unresponsive.

    Improve file type recognized by the video floatbar since this is the part Mozilla Firefox with IDM integration beats Mx because it supports more file types to be downloaded(Ex: Flash Games played can be detected by IDM on Mozilla and can be downloaded easily)

    Also, Can Magic Fill fill different accounts on one site by picking which should be filled?

  2. There are some sites that can hide their resources from resource sniffer, Example: Youtube , Else if they can be detected, They can't actually be downloaded because of their files being split in different sizes like videos in youtube from other websites.

    Already found quite many sites that has this kind of stuff...

    Off topic: Just noticed the ads on youtube player before you can play a video, Gotta find the adblock list again :L

  3. Actually, AdBLock Plus can't block ads manually but the moderators provide us rules for blocking almost any ads except for very few sites I can't remember already.

    I also checked kissanime.com because of the one mentioned above, Played one anime but the ads are actually blocked, only their hide buttons are visible.

    As for the heating of your hardware, It's because of the ram being used, More ram used, More processes work, That's where your laptop gives off hot air

  4. Weird:L, Must be problem with connectivity,

    Have you guys tried Flash Player for Maxthon? It's in the thread around here, I remembered doing it before this happened.

    About the Floatbar, It doesn't really appear and IDM can't grab the video but I have some tricks to download from that site, Really good for downloading

  5. The Latest stable version seems to have problems displaying sites, I was watching a video and when I played it, the loading symbol blinks after a while then when I scroll down or up, The page is being scrambled then it reloads the page. And just now, I was searching in google and this also happened.