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  1. Resource Sniffer can't be used while in Retro, Ex: http://anime4you.net, Watch a video in retro and it won't be detected by Resource Sniffer, And if you watch using Ultra Mode, It reloads. Kindly find what's causing this.
  2. Still same processes with/without extension for me, Already disabled useless Extensions for about 2 months
  3. I'm with you mate. Also has 5+ processes on startup of browser, Probably Feed Reader, Sky Note, etc... How to disable?
  4. I also have this issue, About to post it when I seen this. Reason for using Retro: Some problems with view in Ultra
  5. Had this problem before in the first release of ABP, After I updated I checked ABP then it suddenly crashed, Had to downgrade to be able to browse again. In the next update, It no longer crashes
  6. BugSir007 replied at 2015-3-28 16:28 Hi again, Did you try to edit the link of Facebook in new tab quick dial to see if it works? Maybe t ... The link on Quick Access has http:// and changed it to https:// and it loaded faster now , Will observe for a while
  7. Cookies may not have anything to do with this, I opened Facebook in new tab using Mouse Middle Click and it loaded quickly
  8. I didn't clear it yet cause I have data stored in it that can't be retrieved
  9. Bisoprolol replied at 2015-3-25 07:52 Have you try to change maxthon UA strings to the latest one from here? http://forum.maxthon.com/thre ... My UA's updated but I'm not using it
  10. BugSir007 replied at 2015-3-24 11:14 Hi DARKSTORM, Glad to talk to you. You meant opening Facebook from quick access page? Here it works ... I always clear my cache but still nothing happens, I tried opening Google and you can see it loading by looking in the address bar that already has the link to Google, Youtube also turns white screen when you choose it but it loads fast, Others when you click them, They make a Zoom effect and loads fast, but Facebook turns white screen and takes too long to load
  11. Mantley replied at 2015-3-23 01:52 No, all is good here. Did you choose the Facebook in new tab, not got to the site directly through the address bar?
  12. Did you guys experience opening Facebook in new tab then it loads long or it actually doesn't show the page?
  13. :L... Asking for Android UA, Never mind I already found Somewhere I can get the UA, Well, Thanks for helping guys
  14. Can you give me the latest string and where I can find it?
  15. Is there a UA Switcher extension around here? One that can change your UA to Android, Ios, etc... Other than the ones in the settings
  16. This may be from the site you downloaded, I remembered experiencing this but with IDM, Tried downloading a video.
  17. Everything works smoothly after unticking ABP on extensions, No lags, Hang, unresponsiveness, and CPU is not much used, Perhaps it is good to return AdHunter...
  18. Your download must be blocked by Anti-Virus due to (PUP,Evo-gen,Adware,etc...) Try disabling your Anti-Virus for 10 mins. then download the file
  19. As simple as what No.1MaxthonFan said, or you can use magic fill to save your username/email and password then set it to Auto so every time you visit that site, It will be filled up instantly, No time wasted through typing
  20. I would like to ask to improve MX4s performance and overall responsiveness Starting from opening a new tab because it takes some time to load new tab after some time opening the browser, Its responsiveness because after visiting some site then returning to some sites you need to type, It sometimes become unresponsive. Improve file type recognized by the video floatbar since this is the part Mozilla Firefox with IDM integration beats Mx because it supports more file types to be downloaded(Ex: Flash Games played can be detected by IDM on Mozilla and can be downloaded easily) Also, Can Magic Fill fill different accounts on one site by picking which should be filled?
  21. This is an old issue of mine if I remember correctly, Try a clean install(Delete Mx folder on Program Files)