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  1. 7 hours ago, leeuniverse said:

    1. Uh, because if you're concerned about "security" with your Account information, like PW's and the other things I've mentioned, then you should LOGOUT of your account when you're not using the browser.
    What exactly is the problem with that?

    2. Maybe I'm not getting what you mean by "exposed"?  First, you don't actually "see" your pw unless you go into PW Manager.  Second, if YOU are using the browser, why wouldn't you want to see your username and the dots in the username and pw fields?
    Well, if you're not using the browser then you should LOGOUT of your account when someone else uses the browser.  They can use the basics of the browser, or create their own account.

    What the heck is your actual problem here?  If you're concerned about "security" of your information, you should always logout of whatever account you're using, whether it's Facebook or your browser account, and when you do that NOBODY is going to "see" how many accounts you have on Facebook.  At least that's the way it's supposed to work.  If you're not logged into your browser account, and it's still showing your different logins at Facebook, then that's likely a bug.

    3. You likely shouldn't talk about peoples mistakes in simply quick writing on a forum, especially for a CHINESE based product, one that's worldwide as well in which people don't speak often may not speak great English.  You know what I meant, it's called a typing error.  Welcome to the real world.  People make mistakes.

    4. Okay, so you don't like your login information "showing" unless you click on the field?  So that's your issue?
    Again, I ask, if you're so concerned about the security of your information, just logout of your browser account when you're not using the browser, THATS WHAT IT'S FOR.
    Further, what's stopping other people clicking in the fields and seeing your information still with your method?  You're not making any sense.  You have ZERO "security" with your information showing in the field already, save maybe if you're so worried about people behind you seeing your username already populated.  I mean, that's very "minor" security.  People can see all kinds of things standing behind you.  But, I guess I would be against having to click the field for info to populate.  However, low priority in my mind.

    5. LOL...  I've been using Maxthon since it was MyIE2.  So, not a "Freshman".  I even developed several mods for the browser back when it was the original Maxthon, Maxthon Classic.  The only reason I show as a Freshman is because the Forum got redone, and all posts went to Zero.  Then soon after that or before, can't remember, when the browser became a "standalone" I did stop using it, for 3 reasons.  One it was bloated, not the nice fast "shell" it used to be.  Second, it no longer had "Middle Tab Bar" ability.  I don't like my tabs at the top, massively so.  In fact, I'm still not actually using Maxthon 6 yet save a little testing until they add this feature.  And Plugin support died because it became complicated to create plugins for the browser.  It was easy before.  Anyway, these 3 reasons I stopped using Maxthon and went to 360Chrome, which had most of Maxthons original features, my middle Tab Bar, and good plugin support, it could use Google Extensions.

    Anyway, I'm sort of back, given they've added good extension support by going to Chromium...  I'm just waiting for my middle tab bar setting, and I'll start using the browser full time.
    Drag and Drop, Middle Tab Bar, and good Extension support are the 3 biggest things I need in a browser.  It amazes me the incompetence of modern browser creators, that they won't add these features, though some might have some, but most don't have all three.  The only one I found was 360Chrome, interestingly another Chinese made Browser.

    In conclusion...  If it's really so important to you, I'm okay with adding the feature, to NOT show login info unless you click in the field.
    But again, that's not really giving you any security, people using the browser can still click in the field and see all your accounts.  If you want actual security, LOGOUT of your account.  The browser can still be used by anyone, they just won't have access to your account stuff.

    Have a good one...  I was a HUGE Maxthon supporter for years.  I don't remember what my post count was, maybe like 3,000 or something.  So, talk to the hand.  :)

    I'll just make this short. I'm ignoring most of your reply. I've already been using Maxthon since 2014 and been barely participating on this Forum but has accumulated till now that I became an Assistant Mage. If you've really been using it since MyIE2, you should still have some participation recorded or you've stopped using Maxthon before Mx4 (That's the time I remember the Forum changing). It's like you've just returned to Maxthon after it is shifting to Chromium so HUGE Maxthon supporter my a**. Talk to the hand? Talk to your a**. Sorry for the word mods.


    4. Okay, so you don't like your login information "showing" unless you click on the field?

    You can't even read properly. What you just mentioned is my problem. Clicking on the field shows my Saved Accounts. In Mx5, Saved Accounts don't show unless you Double-Click on the field.

    I just made a very short one sentence question but I get a critic instead? If you got a problem with your life, don't involve me in it.

  2. 6 hours ago, leeuniverse said:

    If you don't want them "exposed" then simply LOG OUT of your browser ACCOUNT.
    That's part of the whole purpose of having an "account" is so everything like our NOTES, Screen captures, PW's, Bookmarks, etc. can be SAVED.

    What's the WHOLE point of having an ACCOUNT if your are just going to LOG IT OUT?


    I like the fact they are "exposed", because then we know what our PW is in case we forget.
    I mean, I wouldn't mind it if we had to "re-enter" our pw/login when we try to look at them or edit them, so I'm okay with that.  Some browsers do that.

    So you like them exposed?

    It's just like telling "Look how many accounts I have saved on my account. Why don't you use them" to someone who uses your account to browse for a moment. You can't read your password on the login form unless you use Developer Tools. You can open your PassKeeper to see them. What's the point of having a Password Manager if you have to re-enter them? It exists so you can Manage your Accounts or are you referring to Auto-Fill? Truthfully, I don't like that feature. I like mine being manually filled.


    So, how bought instead ask for that feature?

    What do you mean bought? I'm not buying anything. Better check your word.

    I'm not asking for that feature because it already exists on Mx5. Saved Passwords are hidden and will be shown when you double-click on the field. At least I feel more secure with that feature since it isn't exposed upfront when someone else is logging in with my account.

    I hope you're satisfied with my reply.
    I don't even know why I'm arguing with a Freshman here.

  3. 2 hours ago, PHYR said:

    Not restricted to M6 page(use Snap Screen), but does have some issues. 

    In this snap, it is resizing the entire desktop(maybe by 125%, same value I have Page Zoom in settings set to???????????



    Edit: Seems to conform to Zoom Settings, It should not!


    I meant snapping other windows too like Mx5 without having to focus on the browser. Ctrl+F1 just works on other  windows


  4. Whoa. There are a lot of words there and it gives a prick to the heart (not sure if used the right term). I'm not really good with these kind of conversation but I'll still voice my mind.

    What MaxthonJeff said that  "I created maxthon to please myself in the first place" is probably a typical reply among developers. I'm not sure if you, sajphon, is a developer yourself but I've studied programming and have already tried building projects. While studying, my instructor gives me some tasks to build then I defy him by implementing features that I myself think could make the output better and that impresses him. On another case, I checked some others projects then thought to myself  "It could've been better" then tell them ways to improve their work but it was just a form of self-satisfaction. I bet they're thinking "easier said than done, I have to make a lot of adjustments to implement that".

    Basically speaking, MaxthonJeff built Maxthon because he isn't satisfied with other browsers. Probably saying "I could do better" then he built and released it wherein other people finds convenience with what he built. He didn't build it just to please others. As for me, I wouldn't build something I don't want to just to please others. How can you be yourself if you build something just for others and not for yourself?

    And @sajphon30522 hours usage, Member since January 12, 2013 (recorded in community). Me:  8575 hours usage, Member since January 21, 2014 (recorded in account).
    I'm 1 year later and 21947 hours shorter than you. How come you have smaller contributions but bigger guts to cause a commotion here?

  5. As for me, I still want to retain the Features:

    • Sidebar
    • Status Bar (Especially System Info for Up & Down Speeds)
    • Night Mode (Possibly Improve)
    • Developer Tools
    • Resource Sniffer (Especially! Barely used but helps BIG time)
    • Snap (Frequently used. Useful at all times). Lastly...
    • Gmail Notifier Extension (Not sure if Chrome has a similar/better alternative but this is very useful to me)

    I'd probably still stick to Maxthon as my all around browser no matter the changes. It carries most of my browsing data and I feel more secured with Passkeeper than Chrome's.

    One concern would be LivesOne & LivesToken. As Mx6 will support BSV, LivesOne will probably be left out. Hope the feature is still the same, Reward for Browsing, but please, no eating away CPU usage. Browsers already consume a large amount of RAM. Don't make it harder.

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  6. Still the same. Did you try checking the addon in the Extension Center and the one I uploaded?snap_screen_20190711084919.png

    There's 1 line missing on the one I uploaded. 
    Left: Extension Center
    Right: Uploaded


  7. Is anyone here using Gmail Notifier? Mine just broke.
    I had my laptop fully resetted and installed Mx5 clean. I signed in my account then it starts to sync with my account. After syncing, I noticed a blank icon which is Gmail Notifier that is now broken. Had tried reinstalling the extension a number of times but still the same. I already signed in my Gmail before the tests but still the same.
    I'm using Mx5.2.7.5000.
    Here's the link for Gmail Notifier


  8. 3 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    I thought that they used basically the same ABP core, but it seems that may not be the case. Or at least there's something going on that is causing this issue.

    If you're talking about the ABP between Maxthon and Firefox, The interface is completely different.

  9. I was just using ABP on Firefox and just noticed a slightly big difference with Maxthon's ABP.
    I was browsing video streaming sites and noticed a mirror that doesn't play unless you turn off the adblock (both Firefox and Maxthon). I had the mirrors link whitelisted with wildcards (*.domain.*), It worked on firefox's but wildcards aren't allowed on Maxthon's whitelist. The video player is embedded so it can easily be whitelisted with wildcards but it's hard on Maxthon(can't do it).
    Additionally, you can block elements easily on firefox while you need to type it manually on Maxthon.
    The only advantage I see on Maxthon's ABP is the custom filter which is not on Firefox's, aside from that, those in firefox are probably better.