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  1. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-28 14:36 Test with the portable version. Extract and see if you can sign in. I have tested that too ! no success. after all.. I found out that the problem is with my windows ! I have test it on win 7 and perfect ! WOW ! Finally! Now i'm going to repair my windows and security software... thank you guys, for your supports. P.N: Repaired Anti-virus and now everything is work Great!
  2. odyssee replied at 2015-3-28 12:52 you are using a very old version of maxthon. don't you want to upgrade ? http://forum.maxthon.com/ ... Are you kidding me ?? I'm up-to-date all the time ! At previous posts, i've posted that Maxthon 4 - Maxthon Passport - not works! Fails with error codes 10404 ! and because of that i've downgraded to version 3.5 which Passport works well ! I'm serious, I don't know what the hell is going on !!!! and this is my Maxthon Passport - now! (at the moment) 13070
  3. 30249689 replied at 2015-3-27 13:58 I have that issue for five days too... Any reply? Answers?? Ohke: Try to turn off Proxy, if your not using it, in Maxthon. (Use the 3 bar Icon on top right) If you do use a Proxy, then turn on IE Proxy, in Maxthon. Alternative is to try another (new) UserAgent. Nop! No! could not solve that!
  4. I tried again... It's good in version and older .. I think there is a bug or problem with 'Maxthon Passport' in new version. .. . . . !
  5. Imanerd replied at 2015-3-27 14:09 then not the same error. Mine simply says unable to connect.... mine is logged-in, well locally any ... So, what can i do? I've tried proxy that not worked !! and downgrading maxthon to version 3 and for a moments it worked! Uh! Logged in and could not get in full sync ! I don't know what to do ! as my all data (bookmarks) are pinned into it ! I have no backup either !!!!
  6. What does 'Error Codes: 10404' means? I could not be able to figure it out .. I've been searching for that for too long ! but no success !
  7. I have that issue for five days too... :'( Any reply? Answers?? 13055