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  1. magg replied at 2015-1-29 12:44 back.gif

    Can I ask you what actually is wrong with this Maxthon version you mentioned?

    Could you describe yo ...

    Thanks for the information. You ask why I hate it, Let me first say, that for most people it is not a big thing what I am going to say, but for me it is very important.

    My home page is set as Google, when I now click a new tab it takes me to the next page, and again we have the google small window and below diffident size boxes of different colours representing my short cuts which I use daily.

    I do NOT like this colours system, I tried to get the images of each different box but nothing It make it harder for me to find the short cut at a glance, and in most cases the wording is cut short. I will go back the old one and stay there... Like I said it might not sound much to most people, but it is important to me...