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  1. Wonderful!!👍 Many thanks, BugSir006!!
  2. Hi there, Yes, I am correctly logged in with my Maxthon account on my 2 PCs and on my Android mobile, but the bookmarks are not synchronized. I hope you can fix this. Thank you very much for your work, BugSir006!!
  3. BugSir006 thank you very much for your answer. But then how can I synchronize my bookmarks between the two PCs? Both PCs have the latest version of Maxthon 6 x64 in Windows 10. What I want is that when I add a website in the Maxthon 6 bookmarks on one of my PCs, it will automatically appear in the Maxthon 6 bookmarks from my other PC. This is possible?
  4. Hi there, I have installed this version on my PC and on my Surface Pro 7, everything works fine, except the synchronization. If I put a new bookmark in one of them, even though the Maxnote syncs, the bookmark does not appear on the other device. Is there any solution? And about the Android version, is there a way to alphabetize the bookmarks? Thanks in advance!