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Everything posted by caligula73

  1. need to quickly switch the search engine
  2. need a quick change of themes as in mx5
  3. Resource Sniff - need to sort by size
  4. it is impossible to use because of the automatic updating of thumbnails of quick access, the mouse focus is constantly lost rolled back to
  5. it takes me a very long time, up to 5 minutes. ! need a button - refresh thumbnails - restart computer does not help
  6. each time the browser is launched, the thumbnails of the quick tab are refreshed сan I turn this off?
  7. need a status bar, especially cpu usage, download speed, upload speed, available physical memory can you do it?
  8. BugSir006 right mouse button mx5 and mx6 - when will you do it? promised ...
  9. I'm talking about what you need to test on a clean one, if you update then a lot of problems appear, this happened to me with
  10. !everyone, install on a clean one, do not update!
  11. checked test.exe maxthon_6.1.2.1305_beta_x64.exe (Build 0602) good maxthon_6.1.2.1305_beta_x64.exe (Build 0531) bad
  12. wait until it appears while staying on mx5 ☹️
  13. hi, are you planning to return the status bar?