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  1. Finalmente!

    I found the problem is caused by this plugin:

    "Remove Social Media" :@

    Strangely it removes the G+ link (and current Google user avatar image on main Google page) only in .it domain, not in the .com domain !!!

    Yes, I solved the problem, thank you.


    from the plugin description:Exclude Sites: ....This explains the behavior I had (problems detected only for .it / IT language).

  2. In Google home page on the + link and the little image with avatar and link to mine G+ account home is not shown.

    Also the link in the google apps "grid" is missing (see image).


    This problem exists for and not for domain.

    Switching the domain by the bottom-right link in the page the G+ links appears.




    Click on "Utilizza" (= "Use")...



    Same behavior on Google image search page, images from URL are removed from the results. Removed, not hidden with display:none CSS.

    Ad-Hunter is disabled.

    (Latest Maxthon version on Windows)

    How can I found what remove* contents from the pages?




  3. The main problem is how Maxthon is working with this HTTP Response.

    The tested Response HTTP Header (from an REST API request) have this Content-Type: "application/json; charset=utf-8".

    It is not a RSS specific one and its content has not any RSS elements.

    I think that is wrong consider as RSS a response content like this:It can just be shown as a simple plain text as it is (as "view source" does).

    Someone can create a better rendering for this... but, I think that this is also "core" feature, not a plugin matter.

    (all other browsers doing this as default, and oldest Maxthon too if I remember right) (Ok, IE not)



  4. You need an account,

    actually it is free and without limited time, it requires just a valid email.

    It works as single page application, so you have a left panel where you can see Groups and Views. Groups are "folder" for organize your views.

    I attached an image where you can see there are the Groups ,"from KanBan" (collapsed/closed) and "from SCRUM" (expanded), that shows views into a group.

    I created "View AAA" and "Group A". I want move "View A" into "Group A".

    When dragging "View A" a placeholder is correctly showed (a blue line), but on release (drop) nothing happens.

    For the same cause (I think) reordering items does not work.



  5. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-13 04:37 back.gif

    The fact that it's working in older versions as well says to me that they've updated a file that Max ...

    mmmhhh, I had assumed that the problem was due to Google changes (not bug because it works well in other browsers), but I did not have the evidence.

    I HOPE that Maxthon developers had collected the more data as possible during the "problem time" to study the cause and to made experience for the next issues.

    I think that a not visible bug yet exists.

    But, now the problem with Google has moved on Maps! Scroll/zoom does not works in this new release.

  6. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-10 18:44 back.gif


    Can't confirm the issue here.

    The truncation for bitstamp shows fine here on my end.

    This specific problem (truncation of name) is most evident in the QA page with the Google search bar. In this page the "panels" are little smaller than in other pages.

    Plus I use Windows Text Size set to 125% and a default browser zoom of 120%.

    At 120% zoom level (and more) the visible text is "Bitstam", "Bitstamp" or "Bitstamp.".

    With 100% and 110% it is "".

  7. Hi,

    I'm using (suffer) the new Quick Access from its first release on beta.

    With the new Quick Access I can't find my preferites so quickly as the previous one.

    Have you try to add, and

    They have all the same thumb; the Google logo.

    And the other URL I've added?

    The most have a text on a random solid color bacground, someone have a thumb of the home page. The same URL in different panels have different bacground color (THAT CANNOT BE CHOSEN BY USER) increasing the confusion.

    I use Maxthon on a desktop PC but I think "my problem" is valid also in notebooks and tablets.

    How you test the usability? Who gave you feedbacks on this changes?

    I ask this because I'm very curious about "my opinion", it is so strange, or different from other users?

    Where is Google maps? (see the attached picture "aaa" and "bbb")

    Look at a splendid colorful favicon of the Favorite Bar :) (attached picture "ccc")