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  1. after I disable my TSL option in IE setting, seem static sound gone... i supect is the error 36888 in my IE cause the noisy sound..
  2. I realize when i load some web pages, its most of the time static sound appear..
  3. Oliver One replied at 2015-4-9 00:59 Type about:extensions in the address bar. these are my extensions
  4. Oliver One replied at 2015-4-8 00:43 Welcome, I never noticed this kind of problem! Have you extensions installed? how do i check my extension?
  5. 7twenty replied at 2015-4-8 05:04 Never had an issue like that. Check to see if one of the tabs open is causing it. What happens when ... i tried mute my sound in browser... still have static sound come out...
  6. When I use Maxthon browser, there is static sound come out randomly from my speaker. I tred use headset, same thing happening. It's fine when i use Chrome.