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  1. Cool plugin, a little late for black Friday but should come in handy for the holidays :)
  2. There's a problem with the extension, try logging on from The extension will work after that.
  3. Both e-fibank and bulbank display a verification button right on the page by either Norton or Thawte to test for verification. Wonder if this has anything to do with the certificate icon not being in the address bar?
  4. Some links do this regardless of browser, please give us a page to check and perhaps which link...
  5. I've been using this skin since it was released, offer auto hide tool bar and address/favorites bar. Best skin for Mx in my opinion. ***I've removed the link as the skin was removed by the author.
  6. Favorites move easily right from the side bar favs or favorite tool bar if you are using it. Its as easy as using the manager in my opinion, but then again I don't use it often.
  7. I can't confirm on android 5.0.2 lollipop Nexus 7 2013, all links open in a new tab for me, but isn't opening in a background tab when choosing it from the long press menu(It does open in background if selected to do so in settings, seems these settings take priority). You may want to try toggling your settings for how tabs are opened. M4.4.2.1000 b2915
  8. I've had no problems with Maxthon for any version of android including on lollipop, 5.0.2. I'm using Nexus 7 2013. Maxthon has been being updated automatically since Lollipop came out, I don't even check for updates. (I'm just waiting for 5.1 which hasn't been pushed to my Nexus yet, but should be available soon) You'll have to trust me that this is on a Nexus 7 2013 :/ 12668 12669
  9. Dardwizzle replied at 2015-2-20 05:29 Hi Odysse, I never intended for this to go off topic. I just don't appreciate being talked down to ... It's odd that is displayed mirrored in ultra mode, I can certainly confirm. The problem does not, however, appear in retro mode, at least for me. May I ask how it is displayed in IE on your machine? If there is a problem in IE than M4 will also have the problem in retro. Is it also mirrored? Are you sure you used retro mode? Anyway here is an image of being displayed in retro on IE11.0 Win8.1. P.S. By the way, M4 remembers the mode per site, by using the mode of the last tab closed of that particular site. P.S.S. The reason people are asked to remain on topic is that the thread is more helpful for people that do search by remaining concise. 11938
  10. joemax


    Zadrym replied at 2014-8-10 14:46 Where is the refresh button ? I can't find it, and there is blank space between tabs and close, mini ... I imagine to conserve space he didn't add it. You can use a mouse gesture(up/down) to refresh.
  11. joemax


    Are you referring to Maxthon Dock or the side bar? Maxthon dock exists seperately and does not conform to a skin, it has it's own skins. If you are referring to the side bar, the skin is applied and remains as often as I reboot M4. I don't know if you are using M3 or M4 but if you are using M3 it is possible you might have issues as this skin was developed for M4. Your post is indicating you are using M3 or M3 UA, either way you should update your UA. 9424
  12. joemax


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-22 23:29 Dr. Wang, I know the pictures in your screen shots are too large to upload here, but do you have li ... I did a google image search, its from here: Or the Bing Wall Paper Gallery
  13. joemax

    QA mod

    Open for business, thanx for the update!!!!!
  14. M3 skins don't work on Maxthon Cloud Browser(M4). M4 has its own skin selector which can help you create a skin(Menu > Skins) or you can find various skins here in the forum, simply d/load and install.
  15. Wow, what an interesting skin I love the auto switch from Home to nav once you've completed a task. It would be great if it worked with skin selector and allowed the placement of tabs(over/under address bar, but still really cool just as it is.
  16. joemax

    QA mod

    You are missing the language file which can be found with the page.dat file from the first post of this thread. English and Russian are the provided languages, copy/paste the english or Russian language to Program files > Maxthon > Languages folder