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  1. You will be able to upgrade your VIP status in various ways, such as retweeting or sharing on Facebook the Maxthon5 pre-registration Message. I don't know of any other means at this time. Share
  2. Yes precisely. That is the only place your "code" shows up. If you tried to register again and it is increased by 40,000 it is because the system is considering you as a new registrant. So yeah, your Mxnumber only shows once you enter:
  3. Multi search is working fine as it always has, it searches first your default engine while offering your other selected engines from a list. It doesn't amalgamate anything, never has. It's a fast efficient way to search across multiple engines
  4. They know nothing about Maxthon, switch to retro mode to display pages adapted to IE. They must have issues with all chromium based browsers.
  5. And where do you find your entry number?
  6. It would be interesting to know how many favorites you actually have in total or actual size of your favorites folder. That there are over 290 in the folder that is giving it could very well be the reason.
  7. Have you tried importing from the online site?
  8. Yeah, sorry, it was a rhetorical question, I knew you hadn't. The reason you're having the issues you're having is they you didn't do a clean install. You can see what will be synced with M4.9 by clicking your account icon at the upper left of the browser. Having said this, some people have reported problems with auto logins after upgrading, even after a clean install. Once you've done the clean install you probably won't have issues synchronizing with online favs, most probably won't even need to.
  9. Maxthon has released a barrage of tweets stating Mx5 will be available in July(presumably of THIS year)
  10. ...or retrieve them from
  11. He asked what advantage Maxthon has over Opera.
  12. Hope someone is removing these emails once they've been addressed.....
  13. I only saw the page after recieving a 404 error on the page.
  14. I thought I read somewhere that M5 alfa will be released once the 100,000 VIP preregistration limit is reached, was I dreaming or just being my regular self?????
  15. Done... Wondering if I should create 50,000 email addresses to help things along.....
  16. Did you update from 4.4 to 4.9? You might try a clean install....
  17. joemax

    Psycodelic Skin

    Well, rather subdued but some cool effects For some reason it reminds me of calculus, but I've never taken calculus! Psycodelic.mxskin
  18. joemax


    Well its not present in the default skin, but I imagine you've discovered that already. Its' applied with color in selector. It's also applied to status bar. Come to think of it, it's present even without adding color but selector adds a color by itself.
  19. joemax


    I preferred hehe
  20. joemax


    My first skin for Mx4.9. It also works great for Mx4.4. I hope you don't think its' too loud. Enjoy! Love 1965 Love 1965.mxskin
  21. I think I've been banned from the Chinese forum, I've been getting that 1-7 hour warning since I first visited from this forum. I can't access anything if I do/don't log in. Which brings to mind why don't we have a Chinese link in this forum? I can't access that link SL
  22. I have no problem with Last Pass addon if I first log in to the Last Pass website. Once I do that the addon works great.