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Bug Comments posted by joemax

  1. 4 hours ago, ALeXkRU said:

    Interestingly, and where the official reaction? What are they have done with QA, what broke Maxton's work? And that is in officially not supported version already. Time are spending on a deadlock version 4.9, no use to anyone. 
    And in this case -  that?

    Unfortunately, Bugmiss is on weekend so your official reaction will have to wait until Monday.

  2. 1 hour ago, Chim said:

    Hmmm ... I'm still not sure I get it clearly.  It's certainly not crystal clear.

    Okay, for example: I just finished searching for "Maxthon Multi Search" WITH Maxthon Multi Search.  On the 1st page there are 10 hits.  So, out of that 1st page of 10 hits, what is the hits allotment layout?  Is it a case of like the first 3 hits being from Google, then the next 3 by Bing and the next 3 by Yahoo, Etc.?  Or is that not at all what the multi search is like?

    For sure it doesn't specify in the hits which ones were provided by which search engine.

    Please read my post for clarification.

  3. 3 hours ago, 7twenty said:


    MxMS is supposed to search multiple search engines and either amalgamate the results to the most relevant from each, or show the top few of each engine. I can't get working, so can't say much more than that. In theory it should be the best seeing as it's using more than one search engine. Whether it's faster, I doubt it as it would need to collate the data from multiple sources. As far as settings, from what I can tell the only options are what other search engines you can select for a particular type of search.

    Otherwise stick to Google if that's what you're used to and are happy with the results.

    Multi search is working fine as it always has, it searches first your default engine while offering your other selected engines from a list. It doesn't amalgamate anything, never has. It's a fast efficient way to search across multiple engines

  4. 3 hours ago, Jrel said:

    Of course not!  

    I'm worried about losing all my favorites and cookies and autologons for different websites.  Does the passport account save it all?

    Here's another question, why doesn't the Online Favorites of my Passport account synchronize with the new MX://Favorites/ page?

     Yeah, sorry, it was a rhetorical question, I knew you hadn't.

    The reason you're having the issues you're having is they you didn't do a clean install. You can see what will be synced with M4.9 by clicking your account icon at the upper left of the browser. Having said this, some people have reported problems with auto logins after upgrading, even after a clean install.

    Once you've done the clean install you probably won't have issues synchronizing with online favs, most probably won't even need to.