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Bug Comments posted by Rainman

  1. The original QaConfig.dat was deleted before my first post appeared here.

    If I can to see the normal QA without any links (blank QA) - I am pleased.

    It's not a problem - to fill out QA.

    Browser has created a new  QaConfig.dat , I think - it's the same as deleted: it's a result of syncronization form the same source.


    I've tested:
    disable synchronization for QA,
    delete the folder with the QA,
    create a new bookmark (after browser restarts, I have a normal blank QA),
    enable synchronization ... and I see the same QaConfig.dat that was before the experiment

  2. Additional Information: 
    1. I was able to open QA in portable, and I removed all in QA. But it did not help me: QA can't be loaded in other versions. Also, I can see normal QA in MX5.

    2. I tried to perform a clean install, including delete QaConfig.dat and the whole Maxthon's folder, Maxthon was uninstalled, local settings - was removed too. Everything remains as before...

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