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  1. Ok I have fixed the problem for myself. Black image background problem comes from browser engine itself. Chromium-based browsers have same problem. The disappointing part is that ViewEnhance extension on the MX extension page is out of date (last updated on 2018); however, the author has recently updated version on GitHub (Link). Install the latest version for the fix. Author mentions "Install from Maxthon Extension Center, or newer versions from the archive, because as it seems Maxthon doesn't really review extension updates anymore". It is quite pathetic. Addons/Extensions are quite important for browser and its users. Not only Maxthon has failed to attract more authors and add new extensions but also failed to appreciate existing authors. I hope all this changes with MX6.
  2. I had the latest update. I think ViewEnhance is not overriding the browser defaults???
  3. Past few months, I have been having a black background for image opened in a new tab. I didn't had this problem before. Currently, using latest MX5 version with ViewEnhance. I checked ViewEnhance body background and it's set to grey. It appears that ViewEnhance isn't working either. Any fix?
  4. I am looking for a text highlighter extension that can remembers highlights next time when you open the page again; something like One that can saves and export highlights. Any suggestions. Thanks