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  1. Maxthon Translator Guidelines

    What are official Maxthon Translators?

    Official Maxthon translators are community members who translate the software of our Maxthon Cloud Browser into their mother tongue from English as the source language. The goal is to have the best user experience for our diverse community with high quality, comprehensive translation.

    Requirements for Maxthon Translators:

    - Native level of understanding for target language

    - Solid understanding the English language (source language)

    - Reliable, responsible and resourceful

    Criteria for including your translation in the browser builds:

    - Timeliness:

    Finish the translation no later than 7 days after you receive invitation to translate

    - Completeness:

    Complete the translation 100%

    - Continuity:

    Translate 3 versions consecutively on time & complete

    - Accuracy/quality:

    a) Use Microsoft Terminology database b) Add important/unclear terms to the respective Glossary c) Get someone else to review your language file d) include feedback into your language file



    - Get independent experienced translators to review your translation

    - Incorporate feedback from independent translators who reviewed your translation

    - Use Microsoft Terminology database as reference

    - Add specific terms to the Glossary

    - Translate several consecutive versions of software

    - Check length of strings in the browser, shorten if necessary

    - Use a text editor (or other tools) that lets you compare 2 text files

    - Use translation websites to get a sense for the best translation



    - Don't translate into a language you're not familiar with

    - Don't translate if you're not familiar with English

    - Don't translate if you've never used any Maxthon Cloud Browser

    Interested in becoming a Maxthon Translator? Contact (replace # with @).