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  1. I continue sendind images to find a help I desactivated adhunter and I have not any skin But the problems happen the same... I thinked that these black stars on the left are the cause...
  2. I am trying all your tricks to use your software but the problem is NOT solved I reinstalled it 8 times, I used ultra mode, retromode, GPU active or not active..... y more and more.... In my pc there is only the windows and other few softwares ALL is updates, I have not firewall, I have a simple AVG antivirus ALL this problems don't happen with other borwsers Actually I am using chrome Maxthon give actually me a lot of problems... I always used it without these problems! My pc go in crash with the screen that I posted and I can't use nothing if I don't close maxthon PLEASE HELP ME I want to use maxthon Thanks
  3. gexxy replied at 2014-12-28 11:50 never enabled GPU impossible using maxthon with this bug.... It caused a windows crash right now ......
  4. I think it's very easy to say that it's a problem of mine... I tested 5 of the most used browsers... the browsers that surely use the 90% of the users.. and I have not got the problem here only 1 user says that have not noticed problem.... and surely he has not stayed in the website more then 10 minutes... In my pc I have not a lot of "3rd part programs/software installed on your PC-like antivirus, firewall and so one." I have not firewall, I have AVG and no many programs more then office skype ... I have all updated The error is frequently with the ultra mode actived
  5. and so why not with ALL other browsers?
  6. no extension tried yesterday trying logout tried yesterday portable version without logging in (some post before I speak about this) I think there is something in this website in conflict with maxthon http://forum.gruppoesperti.it/viewforum.php?f=14
  7. now I saw this: I opened task manager I stayed in this page: http://forum.gruppoesperti.it/viewforum.php?f=14 The CPU of one of the maxthon.exe in task manager grew up to 99% and it bacame mad... solved with closing maxthon...
  8. I don't understand why I cannot see the button to change ultra y retro... I had it and now I cannot see it How can I activate it? thanks
  9. s_ta_s replied at 2014-12-28 13:38 Download portable version http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/maxthon_portable_4.4.3.4000.7z Use it for a wh ... it happens with portable version too !!!! closing maxthon solve all the problems!!! I am writing from chorme now most of all it happens with these websites: http://forum.gruppoesperti.it/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=56112&p=1602616#p1602616 http://leghe.fantagazzetta.com/liga2014
  10. what? can you explain? I use maxthon installed in my pc..
  11. never enabled GPU impossible using maxthon with this bug.... It caused a windows crash right now
  12. This is the screenshot Right now it happens I open a page and the windows status bar disappear... it becomes black! If I go with the mouse over the windows status bar something appears again, something no! The internet page doesn't load well... it loads only parcially If I open some other window it doesn't load and I see it transparent (I deleted something personal with a black spray) Conflict with explorer? or with RAM? what happens?? :'( HELP !!! this never happens with chrome internet explorer firefox opera... I tried !!!
  13. hi sometimes using maxthon it disappears all icons and status bar of windows!!! I use windows xp updated and maxthon updated This happens only with maxthon!! Which kind of maxthon bug is this? A conflict with explorer??? Thanks
  14. hola a veces utilizando Maxthon desaparece todos los iconos y la barra de estado de windows !!! Yo uso Windows XP actualizado y Maxthon actualizado Esto ocurre sólo con Maxthon !! ¿Qué tipo de bug Maxthon es esto? Un conflicto con el explorador ??? gracias
  15. Why do you write solved if it doesn't??? I have same problems!!!! status bar black PAges that don't load"!!! Only in maxthon!!! It's a maxthon bug... This doesn't happen with ALL other brwosers I am trying (chrome firefox internet explorer opera) !!!