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  1. hi there, long time couldn't reset my password, so... thank you for new maxthon, but again as was with v5 in beginning, please do not remove search bar, as nobody know how long maxthon 5 will stay ok for compatibility, it was very long discussion before search bar was getting back in one of old version of mx5... please don't do this again, let maxthon stay with old functions, we all remember, what we lost when mx2.5 become history, don't do this again, please

  2. 3 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    Cannot confirm.  Fonts are fine on Gmail for me.


    must be your browser no prezoom gmail page, i think this could be, because my gmail open with some prezoom(ctrl+), in any way i back to, and all sites work as usual


    thank you, did not catch your post first time, sorry
    and yes, it's working for me, now everything ok, btw, i use portable version
    ah, now when browser start i see this 


    p.s. oh, now relogined, and no problema lol

  3. you will laugh, but i got same windows as you

    adobe flash after install put 64.dll in system32/macromed, and 32.dll in syswow64/macromed

    you can use only one dll file with nitro maxthon etc. but better install adobe flash for non ie browsers, becouse some time very rarely some sites wont open flash if this not installed in system, so my self always install adobe flash for ie and for not ie and after this update module

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  4. @Imanerd oh come on,,, bit is zebra, avast is pinguin, lama is northon, only what do you love is godzilla

    all famouse av is good enough, in permanent competition even kaspersky look like very good today, but start was so schitty what people stay heat it, bit was good every time from born, even my love avira was-has bad time, how you guys heaters found thoes inmotivation reason for push down good stuff, billion piople use northon, billion - avast, billion avira etc and some time some one found genius in himself for say something bad, for what me your excuse(no offense), i get pc from 90x past age, and internet from milenium, what new you say me or for somebody else?

    you free to offense, doody...

  5. best is not much popular of very good antiviruses + your choice of them

    popular is much dangerouse for 0 day worm signatures, so why don't spam ur favorite, if i will know what armor do you use, i'll take appropriate weapon, if i will know what armor is popular, i'll throw to the market appropriate weapon for got more targets

    so good better than best, and very good is very best

    some paranoidality, but av is part of paranoid

    mbam+avira+look'n'stop, yea yea yea i'm good guy paranoiac, and any way if my favorits will popular its will more kicked by hackers, more kicked - more strong update

    that's i call ambivalent paranoid amid cognitive dissonance