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  1. I'm connecting to an LTE connection. Also for comparison sake, Mozilla Firefox will sync everything just fine on the same phone with the same connection so I know its not my internet connection being weak.
  2. I'm on the latest android version of Maxthon ( Build 2915) using a Samsung Galaxy S3 (L710). I connect my account and can sync tabs but it will not sync favorites. Every time I try it connects to server then says "It didn't sync. Maybe you're not connected?" I have changed the settings to manual to sync since don't have wifi where I am. I have tried with adblock plus enabled and disabled. I have logged in and out multiple times and stay connected on my laptop at the same time. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the browser but still same error is given. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this feature was the main reason I decided to even use the mobile version of Maxthon.