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  1. 2 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    Our designer and chief technician are discussing the standard now, they will draw a new one and will be published on forum and extension center in future.

    And we will have to change icons sizes in every extension what was be uploaded in Extensions Center from 2010. Great!
    Why do you break something that worked fine everytime when you release new browser? You broke toolbar icons (and all extensions with toolbar menu), skins and transparent sidebar icons (it works with some skins) when released MX4 in 2012. Some of these was not have not been returned until now! It mean that MX3 was better! And now you break toolbar icons, sidebar favorites, transparent sidebar icons (again), etc. Cool!
    You browser becames better and better... But MX3 had more!

    5 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    So I did another thing, to read the extension SDK file, which is quite beyond my ability as a person almost know nothing about programming.

    Read this. Take every MX stuff who don't know anything about mxaddons, choose mobile version of any popular Chinese website and make simple addon for sidebar panel.

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  2. 4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:


    The third icon - Ecosia - has icon 20x20

    4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    From these two pics, I cannot say which row is clearer or blurrier than the other one. So I suppose Maxthon may not have changed the standard? But this is not enough since your picture is so clear showing. 

    Really? Don't you blur of the second icon? Don't you really understand why? Just use screenshot tool, press Ctrl+F1 and make accurate screenshot and you will see that this is about 20x20. ABP icon is 19x19 as I remember. So you take 16x16 icons and stretched it to 20x20. This is 25%!

    4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    So I did another thing, to read the extension SDK file, which is quite beyond my ability as a person almost know nothing about programming.

    icon SDK.png

    As far as I understand that, every creator needs to upload 3 different sized icons for the computer choose to show in the right place. So it will choose the right sized one to avoid blurring and make it fit automatically? Or machine cannot be that smart? Am I understanding it correctly?

    MX use 48x48 for Extensions Center, 32x32 for sidebar and extensions settings page and 16x16 for toolbar. If MX does not find the icon, other size will be used. But it will look awful. It's the first. The second: if you use toolbar menu, you can not write "icon": "toolbar.png" for toolbar icon, MX still will use icon_16 or other icon_XX. 

    4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    These two tests still cannot solve my confusion, why the others show clear while your newly developed is blurred?

    You need old extensions with icon_16 = 16p. Just look on icons in MX4 and MX5. 4 points is very many if we talk about 16 points. This is 25%!
    Use 16x16 for extensions and 20x20 for your tools if you want. Now you kill all old extensions!



    Does not matter why you did it. Does not metter what will you do to solve the issue.
    Old extensions look disgusting for all MX5 users now. All new extensions will look disgusting for all MX4 and MX3 users if we will just change icons size to 20x20. 
    You don't have third-part developers. You have 3K extensions after so many years. And now you break. You could do it... if you warned about it for several months and if you would explain the reasons! 

  3. 2 hours ago, SnowLeopard said:

    Make svg icons.  

    This is 177 addons. Nope.
    And if they will make "use .svg" an "official guide", will sound stupid: Exnetsions Center works OK with .png only and show gray gear (as with no icons) for other files. It have to work with one type of files.

    MX5 was released many months ago and no one warned about it!
    I'm almost sure that MX can take all skins and all extensions developer and сollect them all in one room. And all MX problems because they don't think how other devs have to work with their browser. They never will have ocean of developers and when they will make Skins Center, there will be about 5-10 men who can really do something cool, other will upload standart skins with new background. This is Maxthon in its best!

  4. I really hate MX at such moments! 
    You took something that worked fine and broke it! Again! And we can not fix it, because if we make well-defined icons for MX5, it will be blurred for MX4. But well-defined icons for MX4 anyway will be blurred in MX5. You did it! With no reason! Just because you made bigger UI in MX5. Great! Did we really need it?!

    What we have to do? Just wait when you do something? Maybe you can solve the issue as you did when add toolbar in MX4 for example. Or you will never do something and we have to change icon_16 size to 20p? Do you remember how many addons are these? I will not do it! I spent two days on simple expansion and minor updates! Because of toolbar icons only! Why? For what?

  5. On 18.07.2015 at 8:43 PM, vova_n said:

    Перестал работать скрипт Переводчик Bing Translator. Просто ничего не происходит. Это только у меня?

    Microsoft убили официальный букмарклет. То ли случайно, то ли намеренно. Вот этот вроде работает:



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  6. 20 hours ago, SnowLeopard said:

    In my  teesting, the siize is 20 x 20 on the toolbar (navbar).  

    Very bad idea. Build-in extensions and tools look cool, third-party extensions look like soap. I don't see any reason to do this. Because now I have to change icon_16 in so many extensions... Nope.

  7. A few days ago I installed MX5 to check how my extensions wokr there (some users wrote that they have problems). 

    And I want to ask:
    What icon size is used in MX5 toolbar?

    Old versions of Maxthon used:

    • icon_16.png for toolbar
    • icon_32.png for sidebar and extensions page
    • icon_48.png for Extensions Center

    I used 16x16 image for toolbar, but in MX5 it looks... a... as s it's blurry, stretched... I think the real size is about 24x24.
    And what about old versions? If I use bigger size, how will it look in MX4 for example?

    What do you think?
    Did you see something about this in new SDK? Is here new SDK?
    Or did you liik inside build-in extensions?


    OK. Let's talk about this minor change... 

    This is icon_16 = 16p. In MX5 it looks awful! 


    So I could change icon_16 size from 16p to 20p, And it will look OK:


    But this is MX5. How many users already moved to MX5? Many old users will use MX4.9 until the end of time!
    Look how icon_16 = 20p will look in old MX4:


    Not so bad? But look how it have to look (with icon_16 = 16p):


    I really hate MX at such moments!
    You took something that worked and broke it! And we can not fix it, because if we make well-defined icons for MX5, it will be blurred for MX4. But well-defined icons for MX4 anyway will be blurred in MX5. You did it! With no reason! Just because you made bigger UI in MX5. Great! Did we really need it?!

    What we have to do? Just wait when you do something? Maybe you can solve the issue as you did when add toolbar in MX4 for example. Or you never will do something and we have to change icon_16 size to 20p? Do you remember how many addons are these? I will not do it! I spent two days on simple expansion and minor updates! Because of toolbar icons only! Why? For what?

  8. Several months ago VK Network (the most popular social network in Russia and the CIS) updated design of desktop website and this weekend I made update to v.2.5 for Maxthon extension: new icons, new titles and new sequence of items in toolbar menu (like in new website design), better script for fast search of selected text (works for all content), new sizes for windows (I think it looks better). I also tried to return publications about Maxthon, but I'm still worried that spam might return.


    I made too many changes in def.json (I used new terms from new VK website) and I'm afraid I'll make too many mistakes without help. That's why I deleted old localization files and I need new ones. Your native language does not matter: every new language will be important. Just write translation in your language and it will be very helpful!

    English (en):

    app.Description=Sidebar and popup windows, toolbar menu, search and share scripts. Unofficial add-on
    app.Share=New post
    app.CC=Short links
    app.Profile=My profile
    app.Like=Like and Share
    app.DeveloperBlog=Developer's Blog
    app.Rate=Rate and Review
    app.MXVK=Maxthon in VK
    app.MyVK=My VK

    Russian (ru-ru):

    app.Description=Меню на панели инструментов, окно боковой панели, всплывающее окно, скрипты для поиска и публикации ссылок. Неофициальное расширение
    app.CC=Короткие ссылки
    app.Profile=Моя страница
    app.Like=Рассказать друзьям
    app.DeveloperBlog=Блог разработчика
    app.Rate=Оценки и замечания
    app.MXVK=Maxthon ВКонтакте
    app.MyVK=Я ВКонтакте

    Ukrainian (uk-ua):

    app.Description=Меню на панелі інструментів, вікно бокової панелі, спливаюче вікно, скрипти для пошуку і публікації посилань. Неофіційне розширення 
    app.СС=Короткі посилання
    app.Profile=Моя сторінка
    app.Like=Поділитись з друзями
    app.DeveloperBlog=Блог розробника
    app.Rate=Оцінки та зауваження
    app.MXVK=Maxthon ВКонтакті
    app.MyVK=Я ВКонтакті


  9. We already told why "stopOnClose": false by default is absolutely illogical decision. I have no ideas why you did it. User can not close sidebar widow by "x" pressing. Great! We already told that you wrote you updated it to "stopOnClose": true, but it was words only. Nothing has changed that time. OK. OK, because I can just use "stopOnClose": true in my add-ons. And I did it. 
    But today I noticed that "stopOnClose" does not work for toolbar panels. Great again! When I press "x" I want to close window, because when I want to minimize it I can click outside. I have no ideas why you did it. Logics!

    UPD: I tested on MX4 and MX4.9, ny friends do it on MX5. From time to time "stopOnClose" works as true, from time to time as false. I have no idea why. I used VK and Facebook for tests. So if you see mistakes in def.json, show me.

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  10. On 22.12.2016 at 11:42 PM, ПТУшник said:

    Maxthon 5.01.3000, Windows 10 home (лицензия), ноутбук Lehovo Flex 2-14.

    Проблема со скроллингом двумя пальцами по Touch-Pad. В "Ретро" режиме скроллинг нормальный, в "Ультра" режиме бешеная скорость прокрутки на всех сайтах.

    Колёсиком мышки скорость прокрутки нормальная, независимо от режима просмотра.

    Скроллинг пальцем по сенсорному экрану ноутбука тоже нормальный.

    Ну тогда спасёт баг:
    Наводишь курсор на ползунок прокрутки, жмешь сразу 2 клавиши - ползунок залипает.
    Скорее всего, это часть функционала супер-перетаскивания, но работает даже, если его отключить.
    Не думаю, что в МХ5 это пофиксили.

  11. 2 hours ago, FB Purity said:

    The file sizes of Maxthon extensions are way too high. All other browsers use compression for their extensions, I cannot see any reason why Maxthon does not do this.

    MX extensions are too simple. Most of its are just sidebar panel or button with bookmarklet. Not so many real extensions here. 
    Is this real problem for you? 

  12. 2 hours ago, valkyrie said:

    I downloaded from the site as per attached photo
    How do I download it without ViolentMonkey ?

    Show what browser ask when you instill this. Is this script?
    I think this is extension which just run script on YouTube. So if it does not work, you can instilll ViolentMonkey and use other script for YouTube. 
    Usualy MXaddon devs use scripts to make extensions. So this is just a port.

  13. 1 hour ago, valkyrie said:

    I activated two extensions and Youtube downloader youtube video downloader but I can not see them in any other bar along with the other extensions like I have to do to see them?

    It may be just a script, stand alone. It just run script on page without ViolentMonkey.

  14. One of the most popular question asked by new users is: How to add website on sidebar?
    And the answer is: No way. But in Vivadli, Firefox and old Opera you can do it, you can do it with WebPanel (add-on) in new Opera, but you can not just add website in MX sidebar. Many users ask about it many years, but where is this feature?

    A few months ago I tried to solve this problem by using Google Bookmarks. But you need Google account to work with this and this service does not have mobile version (on desktop). So it looks not so cool as I want. So... This is not real solution of the problem.

    1473154492.png     1473154507.png

    A few days ago I thought of a new possible solution: just use build-in QA. So I tried to make test version of extension, which will add QA in sidebar and in popup window. This is not perfect solution because QA is too big for sidebar. But you don't need any other account, this is just your QA in sidebar. Just add a page with mobile websites there and you will not need other simple sidebar addons. 

    tjDfdQftao0.jpg     XPefrYqw97k.jpg

    I just use mx://newtab as URL for sidebar and popup windows. It works. Not ideal, but works. 
    I have only one problem: different addresses in different version of browser. The mx://newtab works in MX 4.9. In MX4 I have to use about:blank, but it does not work and I can not understand why. Any ideas? MX5 use website as QA. But in the last versions they add offline. Does it mean that QA in MX5 has special internal address? Do you know what?

    If you know cool website which will be look better in sidebar winow, just tell. 

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  15. 26 minutes ago, sedoy16 said:

    появилась такая проблема:

    Изменилась страница новой вкладки ( должна быть mx://newtab(с плитками), а у меня mx://res/quick-access/index.htm (смотри фото)

    при нажатии на нее картинка пропадает и остается ПУСТАЯ страница пропадают мои настроенные плитки

    кто знает как вернуть старую страницу помогите пожалуйста

    А что с синхронизацией и автоматической очисткой?
    Кто-то уже писал, что страница QA изменилась и не работает. Нужно искать похожести. 

  16. 15 hours ago, 30609427 said:

    Спасибо вам,будем ждать вместе )))

    Готово. Обновление здесь. Оно должно скачаться само, но это Maxthon, так что лучше установить новую версию вручную.
    И такая быстрая проверка - тупо совпадение. MXPocket, SaveTube, ViewTube и Европа+ ждали модераторов довольно долго.

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  17. 5 minutes ago, 30609427 said:

    вот версия про которую я писала====иконка синяя с буквой Я---хороший был вариант--сразу почта открывалась-хотя может мне понравилась и подходила потому что у меня на яндекс  одна почта-кстати уже не срабатывает-на ту переключается сразу

    Это одно и тоже расширение с разницей в несколько месяцев. Мне не нравится лайтовая версия Яндекс.Почты. Она автоматически определяет, что это ПК и все равно открывает десктопную версию сайта, просто угловатую. Может быть, поменяю на mail.yandex.ru. Но пока жду ответа от Яндекса. Может, они тупо изменили адрес страницы с доступом к нескольким ящикам.

  18. 15 minutes ago, 30609427 said:

    что-то оно совсем перестало работать-вот что показывает-это окно выскакивает когда ввела логин и пароль


    Такого быть не должно. Наверное, временный глюк. 
    Но Яндекс действительно поменял внешний вид Паспорта. Для почты от теперь мало подходит. Поищу что-нибудь более подходящее.

  19. 2 hours ago, 30609427 said:

    что не так было сделано и почему открывается паспорт, а не почта?

    Расширения обновляются по GUID. Если с этим GUID есть расширение новее, оно обновится. Если в браузере окажется два расширения с одинаковым GUID (а такое бывает только, если вручную скопировать их в папку, сам браузер такое сделать не даст), их тупо нельзя будет включить.
    Я поменял страницу почты на паспорт, потому что Яндекс переехал но новый дизайн. К тому же в паспорте отображаются сразу несколько ящиков и количество новых писем в них. Это удобнее. По крайней мере, это было удобно, когда я их делал (если Яндекс ничего не изменил).
    Если нужно что-то с меню, но другим сайтом, нужно просто поменять ссылку в "main" или изменить GUID (тогда расширение не будет обновляться)

  20. I think many third-party developers want to ask how do they can take part in  Hackathon? Can they use old extensions (which have been uploaded in Extensions Center already) or this is for new extensions only?
    I'm not sure that you have so many thrid-party developers to hold this contest for new extensions only. But if they can use old extensions, ViolentMonkey and Stylish (as must-have mxaddon) will win.

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